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Minnesota bloggers react to President Obama’s support of same-sex marriage

Local bloggers were quick to react to the President’s statement on Wednesday afternoon.

President Barack Obama’s surprise statement to ABC news on Wednesday that  he “think[s] same sex couples should be able to get married” drew reactions from people across the country, including Minnesota Blog Cabin bloggers:

From Ann Freeman at Upside My Head (Pay Attention Now):

Yes he did! President Obama endorses marriage equality

I got a little teary eyed as the news broke and we learned President Obama officially went on record to endorse same-sex marriage/marriage equality. Another historic moment experienced in my lifetime. Another step on the march toward full equality as citizens in our nation for queer people.

A kiss from my president to my queer self.

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From Tony Jones at Theoblogy:

Obama gets off the pot on gay marriage

For the first time ever, a sitting president has had the courage to voice support for marriage equality. It’s hard to overstate the importance of that. From the AP article:

“In the end the values that I care most deeply about and she cares most deeply about is how we treat other people,” he said.

Well, that last quote is startlingly Christian.

From Mark Heuring at Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood:

The joy of amateur punditry

The nagging, conservative voice inside of me tells me that there are good reasons for traditional marriage, but that voice isn’t strong enough to counteract the cacophony of voices that proclaim otherwise, especially when the competing voices celebrate a biological imperative that’s plenty strong without the chorus. A lot of people don’t hear the nagging voice at all, or choose not to listen. No one enjoys being on the business end of nagging, no matter how sterling the motives of the nagger. So we’re going to have gay marriage added to the buffet line of love, sooner rather than later, regardless of what the good citizens of North Carolina might think at the moment, or what is decided here in Minnesota later this year. I fully expect to be dead and gone by the time we take a reckoning of the wisdom of these decisions. Maybe that nagging voice I hear is wrong. But it would not be surprising if, some day in the future, it starts to regain strength.

From Dave Mindeman at mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog:

Obama and gay rights finally merging

In the wake of yesterday’s 61-39 Anti-same sex marriage amendment win in North Carolina, it actually does seem like President Obama is showing some political courage here. North Carolina is a state he won in 2008, and polls this year have shown it to be close. But with this statement, Obama’s chances in North Carolina are all but gone.

However, his current position is on the right side of history and coincides with growing public opinion. The southern states were not going to vote for him anyway and that is the region that is most affected by such things.

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