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MN Blog Cabin Roundup: 5/11

The Vikings session

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

It is another example of the power of money. The Vikings have bought their way to this stadium vote. Sure, they are going to pay their own portion of the stadium cost, but think of the lobbying money they are utilizing. Lester Bagley has been a full time spokeman for the stadium. They hired 3 lobbyist firms to handle the legislature. They advertised heavily promoting the stadium. You start to wonder if they had simply spent that money on the stadium itself, would the state have to be funding anything?

Deconstructing the deconstruction of the Vikings Stadium #wilfare narrative

from The Deets by Ed Kohler

That’s the point of this entire debate. Why shouldn’t people spent their discretionary income on something that they enjoy, that isn’t harming anyone, and isn’t illegal rather than having the state pick a winner for that money? Nothing is stopping Vikings fans from spending money at Vikings games and on a Vikings stadium. But, the lack of financial support from fans for a new stadium is not the public’s problem to solve. Fans should take that up with Wilf.

Poor, poor Julia

from Tim Droogsma’s Blog by Tim Droogsma

In case you’ve missed the odd little tale of Julia, you can see the entire goofy little presentation here. Congressman Paul Ryan described Julia’s story as “creepy,” and that might be the best word for it, but there are so many others that could be used: Sexist, clueless, elitist, demeaning to women, scary and false.

Zenon Dance Company stands tall with brilliant program for its 29th spring season

from Minnesota Mist by Gary Peterson

The notion that dancers could cross-train to perform many styles of modern dance, as well as jazz dance, was considered to be something of a joke by many local and national gatekeepers who served on the staffs and granting panels of service organizations, foundations, government agencies, and the media. It took many performance seasons and grant-making rounds to convince them to open their minds, trust their eyes, and lend their support.

Morel madness in Minnesota

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

It’s been a bumper crop year for morels in Minnesota, according to my brother-in-law, who has been hunting for this savory spring treat since he was a kid growing up in southwestern Iowa. He remembers piling into the family car afer church on hot, humid mornings and heading to the wooded hills west of Defiance to search for morels.

My beautiful City of Lakes and reflections: Taking a bike ride to dinner

from Thoughtful Bastards by Paul Udstrand

There are different types of bike rides and bike riders. I’m a practical rider. I like to jump on my bike and go. I’m not interested in suiting up in spandex and helmets, although I do have rather nice lights for night rides. Besides, with a body like mine spandex would be assault on my fellow riders and anyone else who happened to notice.  I have a nice leg strap to keep my pant leg out of my chain, bike rack, and a bag I can transfer from bike to bike (I have two bikes, a road bike and a hybrid). I like my bikes and I don’t see why I should lay them on the ground if there isn’t a bike stand or a tree about, so I have kick stands.  I ride for exercise on occasion and those are higher speed affairs but the thing that I enjoy about bike rides is the freedom, quiet, and proximity to my surroundings. On a bike you go fast enough to cover some serious ground, but not so fast that you can’t see and connect with your environment.

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