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MN Blog Cabin Roundup: 5/25

Memorial day, Dayton’s latest veto, defense of partisanship, the Facebook IPO and more.

Memorial Day: Greater Love Has No Man (Or Woman)…

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

But when war becomes personal—when a close loved one is serving his/her country, then the perspective changes. War weaves into lives with threads of fear and uncertainty, with distraction and unease, with life lived always on the cusp of “when the soldier returns home.”

Memorial Day in Oakland Cemetery

from Barataria by Erik Hare

This is Oakland Cemetery, Saint Paul’s municipal cemetery, founded in 1853.

Sacred places, divine faces: A Memorial Day meditation

from Minnesota Mist by Gary Peterson

I believe in ghosts, and sought their company for two weeks in the waning days of August 2000. In particular, I was seeking my paternal grandfather, Harry Hayden Peterson, whose Kansas origins had been lost in the mists of time and space following his death in Minneapolis in 1937.

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Update: Minnesota Governor Sides with the Lawyers (and Against Dads)

from Theoblogy by Tony Jones

Yesterday, Governor Mark Dayton — a divorced father himself — sided with the divorce industry and vetoed the bill, defying the will of the people of the state and of our representatives. Yet he thought it wise to spend a bunch of his political capital embarrassingly cheerleading for public funds to build a billion-dollar Taj Mahal for the NFL.

Southwest Light Rail Still Has A Chance

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

Personally, I thought the Saints ballpark should have been part of the bonding package. After all, the St. Paul side of the equation was not exactly balanced overall. However, if priorities are to be ascertained for this DEED fund, then SW Rail is by far the wiser choice.

In defense of partisanship

from Tim Droogsma’s Blog

“Compromise” is not, in and of itself, necessarily a positive thing. If one party in the legislature thinks we should spend $1.4 billion on roads and bridges, and the other party only thinks we need to spend $1 billion, then a compromise at $1.2 billion seems reasonable. But if I don’t think the State of Minnesota should build the Vikings a new stadium, and you think the State should build a $900 million stadium, then “compromising” on a $450 million stadium is not a solution.

Why drive toward the cliff in the first place?

from MNPublius by Jeff Rosenberg

We essentially have two sets of government policies — the permanent ones, which we don’t want, and the temporary ones, which Congress refuses to make permanent. What kind of a way is that to run a government?

Facebook, The Little IPO that couldn’t. And Won’t

from Old and In the Way by Gary Sankary

As much as I may value my relationship with them, and with 200 other friends, nothing changes because of it and frankly if Facebook went away, we’d find other ways to connect. In fact while Facebook enhances our relationship, it doesn’t make us use it to stay in contact like Linkedin and it doesn’t save time like

The Disco Scene at Xavier High – Part One

from Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood by Mark Heuring

Let’s forget the politics and think about the politics of dancing.