MN Blog Cabin Roundup: 6/8

Can we talk? About Israel?

from TC Jewfolk by Sally Abrams

It is hard to reconcile this information with the image of the country you have loved all your life. It is especially jarring if Israel has been presented to you as a kind of utopia. Suddenly there are big, ugly cracks in that image. Disillusioned, you voice your criticism. Gradually, what’s wrong with Israel begins to overshadow what’s right with Israel. Adding to your frustration is the sense that not everyone is so keen to hear your critiques. “I’m saying these things out of love for Israel,” you say with exasperation. “Are we really not allowed to criticize?”

Will Minneapolis get to host a Super Bowl at the new Vikings stadium?

from The Deets by Ed Kohler

There are 32 teams in a league that prefers playing their premier game in February in outdoor stadiums in the South; in a league that considers stadiums obsolete in 30 years. Even if Super Bowls were evenly distributed, the NFL tears down stadiums at a faster rate than they have Super Bowls.

Racial minorities overwhelmingly support the photo ID amendment that suppresses their vote

from Wry Wing Politics by Joe Loveland

To state the obvious, a particular specialty of mine:  If opponents can’t even convince the primary victims of this amendment to oppose it, the Photo ID Amendment is headed for easy passage.

Battlegrounds emerge in NE Minn. legislative races

from Minnesota Brown by Aaron J. Brown

Filings have closed for Minnesota’s legislative and congressional races. Here’s a roundup of some of the races in northeastern Minnesota that I’ll be following.

Friday Local: Politics in the South Metro

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

I’m going to try something new here and use Fridays to talk about local South Metro politics. I am hoping that the local campaigns will utilize this to send me information about what is happening in their campaigns. In turn, maybe we can expand that info to a few more people. But let’s get started.

De Servin, de Groot and Dunn art at bargain prices

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

I’M NO ART EXPERT. I buy art simply because I like it, not because of its value.
Yet, I’ve managed through the years to purchase several pieces of art, which unbeknown to me, were created by notable artists and therefore possess more than your average value.

Falling in love

from Landing on Cloudy Water by Emily Brisse

I’ve been trying to pinpoint it: the moment I knew I loved the natural world.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta leave the planet

from Ripple in Stillwater by Karl Bremer

Last night, we (me and my trusty Nikon D300) turned our gaze skyward to record the last transit of the planet Venus across the face of the sun in our lifetime. This happens when the orbit of Venus passes directly between Earth and the sun. The last time it occurred, in 2004, it was cloudy in these parts; it won’t happen again until 2117.

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