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Pawlenty: Which Dream Act you talking about?

Surrogate retread, Tim Pawlenty, acted as spokesperson for Mitt Romney on immigration policy on CNN.

Pawlenty himself has been evolving into an Arizona type advocate for hard nosed immigration policy. His pandering to the hard right forces on this goes without saying.

So, since Romney is backed into a corner on immigration and won’t define any policy of serious consequence on the matter, Pawlenty gets the call to step forward and test the waters.

First T-Paw hits a political critique and calls it an “11th hour shift”, ignoring the fact that Obama has been trying to push this policy since he was elected in the “Dream Act”.

Yet, T-Paw continues to criticize this “latent” action by asking out loud why Obama didn’t push this through in his first two years with a Democratic Congress, again ignoring the fact that the Republican Senate filibustered every attempt to bring the issue forward.

But his most incoherent moment was a question about the Dream Act…

Pawlenty told CNN host Soledad O’Brien, “There are a lot of things labeled the DREAM Act, Soledad, so we have to be careful. What Gov. Romney has said is when it comes to Sen. Rubio’s ideas about the DREAM Act, he would be open to that.”

A lot of things are labeled the Dream Act? Senator Rubio sees the handwriting on the wall……

Obama’s new deportation policy accomplishes most of the goals the Florida Senator hoped to address through legislation, though future presidents could reverse the decision.

“We need to reevaluate whether it still makes sense to introduce legislation,” Rubio spokesman Alex Conant told Fox News Latino. “We were cautiously optimistic that we could work on something that had bipartisan support. Because of the president’s action, that no longer looks likely.”

So, unfortunately, Pawlenty hasn’t got that many “Dream Acts” to work with anymore…

and Romney’s attempt to court Latino voters just got a bit harder.

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