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A Bachmann challenge that’s conventional just will not work

Advice to candidate Jim Graves running against Michele Bachmann: Take the gloves off and shovel the green.
Jim Graves

I’m not going to be on any Jim Graves’ list of favorite people, so I might as well say what I think.

Take the gloves off and shovel the green.

The Minnesota 6th District has become iconic in regards to its conservative bent. But crazy is crazy and Michele Bachmann shows no signs of dialing it back.

And why should she? Her experience tells her that the crazier the conspiracy theory the more money she rakes in. It’s like she pulls the slot machine lever and hits the jackpot with all jokers.

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Even conservatives in the 6th have to be scratching their heads at what has been going on. This Muslim Brotherhood obsession has so many Joe McCarthy comparisons it isn’t even funny. Not close to funny.

I understand the Jim Graves strategy. He can’t embrace the Obama policies. OK. He needs to find middle ground to latch onto. Fine. Has to stay clear of progressive labeling. Got it.

But if you think conventional funding and conventional politics are going to defeat Bachmann, then you have joined the crazy as well. Bachmann needs to be challenged on every assertion she makes. And that is easy enough because 98% of what she says is made up. Call her out. Challenge her. If the media won’t ask the questions than the Graves campaign should force it — make them ask. Call a press conference after every nut crazy speech.

And the money has to flow. I know it is unseemly for outside observers to suggest how Graves should spend his own money… but darn it, that’s why he got the endorsement. Even the insinuation that he might self fund drew us all in. Conventional fund raising can never keep up with Bachmann. She knows that if the coffers slow down, crazy talk can always dial it up.

Jim Graves has a window here. Bachmann has opened it ever so slightly. Time to push it wide open and let the political winds blow whichever way they want to. 

Challengers in the 6th have always been too cautious. They have assumed that the conventional will win out over the crazy. Hasn’t happened and won’t happen unless the campaign is willing to take some chances and live on the edge.

Get loud. Get vocal. And bring the green.

Seriously, what is there to lose in the 6th? Bachmann has her modus operandi and it has worked every time. How about some direct confrontation and shake it up? 

Can’t get any crazier than it already is.

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This post was written David Mindeman and originally published on mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog. Follow Dave on Twitter: @newtbuster.

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