MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 9/28

Will loyal Vikings fans be priced out of the new stadium?

from The Deets by Ed Kohler

If long-time face painted loyal fans are priced out of the new stadium through PSLs and replaced with a bunch of suits, what will the fan experience be like? Granted, the suits may not have to interact with the face painters since Zygi Wilf is designing a stadium with private parking lots and private bathrooms for the suits, but the loyal fan to suits ratio will certain skew toward suits if PSL and ticket prices spike.

Don’t campaign angry and sexist remarks won’t help either

from by Michael Brodkorb

This week’s rhetoric from Bills’ campaign is getting dangerously close to U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz’s infamous “friends of the Jewish community letter” from 1990 and Tom Emmer’s “$100,000 waiters” debacle in 2010.  If the race was closer between Klobuchar and Bills, his campaign’s comments would have blown up much more in the media than they did today.   

Mitt Romney: Seize the moment

from Governor Arne Carlson’s Blog

Mitt Romney is clearly going through a trial by fire with his daily decline in the polls and the endless barrage of negative media observations and increasing criticisms from his own party.  The mantle of “loser” is slowly being placed on his head and in politics a loser is barely a footnote in history.

The mundane on Yom Kippur

from Old and in the Way by Gary Sankary

The Jewish High Holidays are here again. 10 days of reflection and introspection. A chance to participate in Teshuvah, or “return” and to start the new Jewish Year with a clean slate, freed from the burdens guilt and broken promises which were just so “last year”. The theme of the Holidays is change and redemption. We Jews think of sins as specific acts we choose to do. We do not see humanity as flawed or born with sin, sin is a choice we make because we can, we have free will.

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