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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 10/26

Popular legislators in an unpopular legislature, District 5 debates, marriage amendment messaging, the limits of traffic education and ‘My beautiful City of Lakes.’

Why Minnesotans might re-hire the worst legislature in history

from Wry Wing Politics by Joe Loveland

With an outrageous record like that, and the lowest approval rating in recorded history, could Minnesotans possibly send the same Republicans back to control the Legislature for a repeat performance?   Are Minnesota voters really capable of simultaneously saying “you are the worst Legislature ever” and “we rehire you?”

Watch the debates in bellwether MN-LEG northern district

from Minnesota Brown by Aaron Brown

About a month ago, Lakeland Public Television held a series of debates involving many north central legislative districts. I’ve posted the video of the SD5-area debates below.

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Marriage amendment messaging: Adolf Hitler vs. the Golden Rule

from by Michael Brodkorb

I have found the messaging from Minnesotans United for All Families to be very Minnesotan – thoughtful, respectful and encouraging.  While Minnesota for Marriage is spending time deleting references to Adolf Hitler from their organization’s presentations, Minnesotan United for All Families is messaging on a principle we were all be told to follow.

The limits to educational campaigns

from by Bill Lindeke

…for me, these kinds of campaigns only illustrate the limits of educational billboard advertising approaches to changing our transportation system. Educational campaigns can be more about public relations than about changing behavior. And I’m not sure that our policy makers really understand that. 

My beautiful City of Lakes and Reflections: The Zen of dog walking

from Thoughtful Bastards by Paul Udstrand

Between the dogs slow walking and tendency to be on the lookout for interesting
Photo by Paul Udstrand
Between the dogs slow walking and tendency to be on the lookout for interesting photographs I never have a boring or routine walk.