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Duluth mayor Don Ness does Gangnam Style

Many parodies of Psy’s infectious dance have surfaced, but this effort featuring Duluth mayor Don Ness bears inclusion in the canon.

I suppose I could complain that infectious sounds of Korean pop rocker Psy’s “Gangnam Style” are only now reaching the shores of Lake Superior. This was, after all, the top internet sensation of 2012 and new holder of the all-time YouTube record. So many parodies have surfaced that another surely could not be needed. But this effort by Rubber Chicken Theater, featuring Duluth mayor Don Ness bears inclusion in the canon.

Please tell me you’ve heard of Gangnam Style, readers. Please tell me you understand this reference. If you are learning this from Don Ness right now, please keep that to yourself.

I think the only thing to add is that Ness and company clearly took the easy path. Single camera; just the dance. A fully realized spoof of the four-minute song from northern Minnesota remains the unfinished business of our local leaders. And with quasi-hipsters like Tony Sertich, Carly Melin, Jason Metsa and Joe Radinovich in our Iron Range midst, I think the way forward is clear. Don’t you?

If not, I have a storyboard available to the right people. I have the software. I have the experience. You know and I know that this can happen.

UPDATE: An Iron Range vs. Duluth dance-off has been proposed by Rep. Carly Melin. Reps. Jason Metsa and Joe Radinovich have indicated a willingness to participate. Your move, Duluth.

(Thanks to Brian Matuszak of Rubber Chicken Theater for the laughs)

This post was written by Aaron J. Brown and originally published on Minnesota Brown. Follow Aaron on Twitter: @minnesotabrown

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