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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 2/22

Yes, the GOP controls the US House because of gerrymandering

from LeftMN by Tony Petrangelo

The reason that Republicans didn’t increase their majority is because redistricting was all about protecting their majority. They didn’t carve out a lot of new seats for themselves, they took the vulnerable seats they had won in 2010 and made them safe seats.

Actions of gun-rights advocates stopped Minnesota gun-control effort

from Mr. Dilettante's Neighborhood by Mark Heuring least for now, your Second Amendment rights remain in effect in Minnesota. But don't worry; the DFL has plenty of other ideas that they'll be trotting out in the coming days that will lighten your wallet for the sake of a Better Minnesota.

Forum: Sheehan vs. Stebbins — Establishment vs. liberty Paulites

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

Sheehan noted that the GOP doesn't need to do a wholesale change. Politics is cyclical. Democrats were soul searching only a few short years ago. It was 2004 that Rove told us that the GOP would be a permanent majority. That didn't work out. Republican message needs tinkering, not a complete breakdown. Still, the message needs to be more inclusive.

Stebbins pointed out that she disagrees with the right/left paradigm. Neither party is talking about the issues that matter. She criticized the GOP legislature of the last session that emphasized marriage and voter ID issues rather than the economic problems that really mattered.

Even great state of Mesabi can't save Electoral College

from Minnesota Brown by Aaron Brown

You understand, of course, how excited I would be to live in a state called "Mesabi" that united my alma mater UW-Superior with my home state, right? That would awesome, and my first order as warlord when the time comes. 

My thoughts after reading a book by 35W bridge collapse survivor Garrett Ebling

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

I have never forgotten the 35W Bridge collapse. I doubt any Minnesotan could. When disaster happens that close, affects people who were simply commuting home from work, as Garrett and Lindsey were; driving a bus load of kids back from a day at the waterpark, as Kim was; or heading out for or a celebratory dinner with family as Paula, her husband and two daughters were, you realize how life can change in an instant, for any of us.

Historic Saint Paul and her seven hills! An ideal place

from For the Love of Minnesota by Claire VanderEyk

Every winter St. Paul spends a couple weeks embracing Minnesota’s most dominant season, winter, aptly named the St. Paul Winter Carnival. A season that is synonymous with Minnesota, it can sometimes feel like winter lasts forever. 

Minnesota Blog Cabin photo of the week:

Publicity still of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s new Music Director, Dennis Russell Davies, 1972

From MN70s by Dave Kenney

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