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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 3/15

Streetcars, Mason-Dixon poll flaws, Norm Coleman gets back to his roots, an interfaith seder at Temple Israel, and more.

Six less-obvious benefits to streetcars

from by Bill Lindeke

Well, I happen to like riding on streetcars. And its not just because I perceive them as being “more permanent” than buses, less likely to disappear from my small urban world. Some of my favorite memories in cities around the US come from riding streetcars. Here are some of the reasons

Mason-Dixon: Y U NO POLL GOOD

from LeftMN by Tony Petrangelo

The post concerns the really bad, terrible, and downright awful election cycle that Mason-Dixon just had. When I compiled the performances of the half dozen pollsters who had polled the Presidential race in Minnesota, Mason-Dixon was by far the worst. And using the qualifier “by far” sells short just how bad they really were.

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Norm Coleman to return to his DFL roots?

from Wry Wing Politics by Joe Loveland

…Senator Coleman is now telling his fellow Republicans that they should be more like him, Norm 2.5, center-right Norm.  Specifically,  Coleman’s commentary calls for his conservative followers to adopt a brand of conservatism that is “intent on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government,” while “ensuring that those who most need help in our society are able to have the support they need.”

Waconia pastor goes viral with inaccurate HIV/AIDS testimony at Legislature

from Brick City Blog by Sean Olsen

Mike Frey, the pastor at Northern Lights Baptist Church in Waconia, emerged as the viral celebrity of yesterday’s hearings on the marriage equality bills at the State Legislature thanks to his colorfully inaccurate testimony in the House Civil Law Committee.

A few thoughts on Pope Francis

from Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood by Mark Heuring

Most people who were trying to come up with lists of papabile somehow missed Bergoglio. In some respects, it’s easy to see why. This is not a flamboyant man. If the reports I’ve read are accurate, he has eschewed many of the trappings of grandeur that are available for cardinals within the Church. He did not live in the Archbishop’s residence in Buenos Aires, preferring instead to have a small apartment. He cooked his own meals and was known for taking public transportation.

Temple Israel Interfaith Seder: Welcoming strangers, making friends

from TCJewfolk by Laura French

What makes the Temple Israel Interfaith Seder different from all other seders? For starters, the Jews in attendance are outnumbered by roughly 7 to 1. At the thirty-second annual event, held on March 10, the advice to the wise, evil, simple and unknowing children was read by groups of Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodists and Catholics, respectively. The Passover story was re-told by Unitarians, Presbyterians, the United Church of Christ and members of the Islamic Center of the Twin Cities.

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis, Early 1970s

from MN70’s by Dave Kenney

Minneapolis’s most loveable bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 11, 1971.