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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 3/8

Time to act big

from NextMinnesota by Amanda Horner

Too many plans cling to the past instead of charting a path to the future. Governor Rudy Perpich used to talk about making Minnesota the Brainpower State. What really is needed is the leadership to make Minnesota once again the State of Innovation – a state in which bold ideas are able to flourish and develop into Fortune 500 companies or new models of effective governance. That used to be Minnesota.

McCain misspeaks, confuses American Jews with Israelis

from TCJewfolk by Bradley Machov

Senator John McCain was part of the first panel of Day Two of AIPAC, along with Senator Kristin Gillibrand and Israeli General Amos Yadlin. He talked about Iran, Egypt, and doing “the Lord’s work in the city of Satan.” But it was something Senator McCain said at the very end, right before standing up to leave, that stuck with me.

Swedish Institute: Sámi to you

from Macaroni by John Toren

We stopped in the other day with friends to see the exhibit Eight Seasons of Sápmi, The Last of the Sámi People. But we paid a visit to café first. I ordered the pork belly and cabbage soup, followed by a fried cod smorga with onions, grapefruit, and remolade. Very tasty stuff, and it hardly seemed to matter when it occurred to me they’d forgotten to include the fish. Hilary pointed to a big brown ball on one corner of the toast.

Winona Winhawks represent Minnesota for ‘Most Unique High School Mascot’ honor

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

THE WINONA WINHAWKS beat out four other Minnesota high schools this week to advance in the next round of selecting the nation’s most unique high school mascot.

How to get started in farming

from Three Thrifty Guys by Charlie Gutz

Lots of big city folks are looking at alternative ways of living. One way is to completely sell the corporate 9 to 5 job with suburban home, and move the family to rural America (i.e. Iowa) to start your own farm! Sounds like a scene from a movie doesn’t it? A scene where the mom and dad are swinging on the front porch while the kids frolic about the yard playing baseball and picking flowers.

The spirituality of gardening

from Theoblogy by Christine Sine

So much of our garden activity is performed kneeling, in the position of prayer and supplication. I kneel to weed, to plant and to harvest and in this position often find myself meditating and praying. If I am troubled by some seemingly insurmountable problem, there is no better place to thrash it out than on my knees in the garden. If I am irritable or depressed, there is no better therapy than weeding.

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