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Bachmann will probably run again — and she needs to lose

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Michele Bachmann's type of social conservatism ideology needs to be defeated electorally.

Eric Black wrote a somewhat controversial piece about Michele Bachmann in MinnPost this week.

He speculates that Michele Bachmann has worn out her welcome with GOP operatives and that they would support her “retirement”:

Lots of Republicans say off the record that they are hearing a growing chorus of rumors that Bachmann may retire. And they are downright expansive about the fact that the party will be thrilled if she does. But absolutely no one to whom I have spoken claims to have heard it from her or from members of her innermost circle.

There is one paragraph that I noticed:

Bachmann also would be disconnected from reality if she didn’t know that she is no longer considered a rising star in Republican circles. Her presidential campaign flamed out early and left her looking fairly foolish (not that she was the only one). She provided collectors of her famed fact-challenged outbursts with many new items that will follow her into whatever future she chooses.

Now that would be a very logical observation in normal political circumstances and with a normal politician. But Bachmann has never fit into any semblance of normal.

She IS disconnected from reality in regards to her own image. She surrounds herself with flattering magpies who agree with everything she does and look upon critics as political enemies. Although her Presidential campaign did flame out early, she has never adhered to the idea that she looked foolish. Even though her missteps are self-directed, she believes in her heart that the media conspire against her. She believes, to her very soul, in her constructed conspiratorial world view, that we think of as crazy.

Foolish? Hardly. At least to her. And as for her factually challenged outbursts, well, to her they are not factually challenged or at least not to the point of admitting it. And in addition, they provide excellent fundraising opportunities when they are questioned.

I still think that Michele Bachmann will be running again. I could be wrong about that but until she quits, I’m going to stick with it.

Look at the mechanics of it. She is still the most prolific fundraiser in the country. She represents a district that is still heavily Republican. She has never listened to Republican leadership — Washington, Minnesota or anywhere else — in regards to her political decision making. And she believes she has a religious calling to do what she does.

Those aren’t the notions of a fact based, logical political candidate. They are the basics of Michele Bachmann.

There is another reason that I actually hope she runs again. I believe that her type of social conservatism ideology needs to be defeated electorally. She needs to LOSE an election. If she doesn’t run again, she will still be looked to as a Party “elder;” as someone whose insight has meaning because she was a winning candidate. And if she is not defeated, she will always have the opportunity to adjust her electoral image; to return to the arena after having shed some of the baggage.

If Bachmann leaves, I want it to be permanent. I don’t want her “thoughts” on every political matter. I don’t want her influence to continue.

Of course, if Bachmann continues to run, there is the very real possibility that she will continue to win. That she will continue to be a fixture in the Sixth District. True. But then we would be no worse off than we have been. And she can continue to be someone who causes the GOP leadership to wince at her antics. If that happens, so be it.

However, it would be so much more satisfying if Michele Bachmann would lose that next election. That she leaves on the back of a stinging loss that will forever brand her as a defeated candidate.

Michele Bachmann needs that. She, and her philosophy, need to lose.

This post was written David Mindeman and originally published on mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog. Follow Dave on Twitter: @newtbuster.

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  1. Submitted by Dennis Litfin on 04/25/2013 - 02:50 pm.

    Even republican ‘leadership’

    has given up on this faux representative. Her 6th support base is rapidly diminishing as her tea party and other non-issue hysteria-driven district residents begin to realize that the world is not flat. If this lady runs in the 2014 election she will be toast…something which her big ego would have a very difficult time accepting. Therefore, she will come up with a ‘good’ reason for not running in 2014.

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