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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 8/9

Rethinking the Minneapolis transit hub; ‘War on Women’ rhetoric misses the point; how ‘Breast is Best’ marginalizes formula mothers; and more.

Rethinking the Minneapolis transit hub

from by David Levinson

Can Minneapolis support higher-density transit lines, and if so where?

Dayton proposes tax cut — Daudt still criticizes

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

Of course, Republicans focus on something that isn’t even in play (the Warehouse Tax), and when Dayton makes a tax CUTTING proposal that they can work with right now, Daudt still can’t resist criticism.

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Never mind #SharkWeek, this is #AsianCarpCentury

from Minnesota Brown by Aaron J. Brown

But more importantly, life’s little problems seldom truly burst from the “water” to “chomp” us. More often than not our problems manifest slowly, over time and even generations. We usually aren’t bitten to death; our bodies are gradually starved or worn out from under us. Thus, the true metaphorical threat in our lives aren’t sharks, but rather Asian Carp.

‘War on Women’ rhetoric misses the point

from The PoliticOle by Sam Botz

While I wholeheartedly agree that recent Republican party policies are threatening to become more invasive than a Pap test, the phrase “War on Women” is worrisome, however aptly it seems to describe the current political climate. On hearing it, one can’t help but immediately equating it with a similarly controversial–and vague–phrase coined by former President Bush to describe American reactive defense measures following 9/11: the “War on Terror.”

‘Breast is Best:’ How pro-breast can marginalize formula feeding mothers

from Girl Meets Geek by Kate-Madonna Hindes

Ever the lucky woman, my milk all but ran out within days of birth. When Daniel latched, I muffled my screams with a washcloth in my mouth. Apparently, cystic breasts hurt when breatfeeding. After each night feeding, I would sneak into another room to cry and pep talk myself to be ready in another hour. I took fenugreek and put ziplock bags of frozen peas down my shirt. I hand pumped instead of using an electrical pump because I found I was a little more successful. Once, I handpumped in the Sears bathroom at the Burnsville mall because I felt a drop in my shirt. How breastmilk could go on pads inside my bra, but not out from a pump, baffled me. My low point came when I finally hit an ounce after about a half-hour of hand pumping I felt immediately amazing and absolutely heartbroken. I was failing my boy.

National Trout Center presents ‘The Spin Doctor’ John Eggers

from Bluff Country Woman by Beverly Sandlin

If you love trout fishing, the National Trout Center is the place to be on Saturday, August 17th for a FREE spin fishing workshop with fishing guide & maker of the “Bow Spinner,” John Eggers, also known as “The Spin Doctor.”

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