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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 9/20

Will Gov. Dayton run for re-election? Yes!

from – an inside view of Minnesota politics by Michael Brodkorb

First, contrary to the hopes of Republicans, Gov. Dayton hasn’t been “erratic” and he hasn’t exhibited any of the behavior Republican expected.  Candidate Dayton campaigned on a platform/”to do list” and what he would do if elected governor of Minnesota.  Gov. Dayton has accomplished most, if not all of his list.  Republicans and Democrats can disagree about the successes of the list, but I think most political observers would agree that what candidate Dayton said he would do, he has done.

Epilepsy vs. race baiting: Who’s worse? Souhan or Lewis?

from Thoughtful Bastards by Paul Udstrand

This is the tale of two toxic editorials published by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Rather, this is the story of two toxic editorials that got two very different reactions. One editorial by Joe Souhan advocated the dismissal of a coach who suffers from epilepsy. The other by Jason Lewis was a blatant exercise in race baiting and fear mongering that maligned and entire ethnic minority. Guess which editorial provoked the outrage and protest amongst the good citizens of Minnesota?

One millenial’s case for MNSure and Obamacare

from Growth and Justice Blog by Alfred Eze

Imagine my delight when MNSure recently released their projected premium rates for state health plans offered through the Affordable Care Act exchanges. MNSure is offering health care plans as low as $91/month before subsidies. On the private market, I was looking at premiums closer to $600/month for an individual plan.

I want to be your mayor: CRZ

from Stubble by Tom Johnson

“I was very unhappy with the recent performance by our current mayor and city coucil, combined with distress caused by the choices it appeared we were being given in this election… and decided that I could either do a lot of complaining about it or file myself. I showed up at the Elections Department on the first day of filing, but sadly I wasn’t the first to file for mayor; I was second.”

Nolan puts mining company interests above workers, communities

from Iron Country Free Press by Shelly Mategko

Unfortunately, Congressman Rick Nolan appears to have abandoned this common sense approach in favor of a Company Man position, voting for the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act, legislation he previously vowed he would not support because it expedites the permitting process at the expense of our workers, communities and our environment.

5 things to know about poverty in Minnesota

from Community Matters by Craig Helmstetter

The U.S. Census Bureau released its annual poverty estimates this week. While not a perfect measure – the definition was developed in the mid-1960s when household expenses looked very different – it is indexed for household size (the 2012 poverty line is $11,945 for a single-person household and $23,283 for a family of 4) and does give us some good guidance about levels of poverty and who are among our poorest residents.

Here are five key facts and trends about poverty in Minnesota gleaned from the new estimates:

What to do with a chicken sandwich & 200 pounds of cheese

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

TYPICALLY I DON’T READ obituaries, unless I recognize the name of the deceased.

But perhaps I should.

How to change what you don’t want

from Liv Lane’s blog

If you’re in a situation with a lot of “don’t wants” attached to it, flip your view and imagine the opposite. Envisioning something better and believing it’s possible is your entry ramp to positive change.

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