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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 11/22

Fun with Minneapolis election graphs, why cities want you to bike, JFK remembrances and more.

Fun with Graphs: 2013 Minneapolis election

from LeftMN by Tony Petrangelo

A detailed breakdown of votes for Minneapolis mayor, selected city council seats, and ranked-choice voting in general.

Cities really want you bicycling (they just may not know it)

from by Walker Angell

These trends, much more than simply the Mayberry Syndrome, appear to be here to stay. In just a couple of generations, people have found that the far-flung, car-needy, segregated suburban environment has left them empty. We’re spending too much time driving around anonymously in cars and often don’t even know our close neighbors, let alone those three or four houses away. Talk about loneliness.

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The Kennedy-Johnson years, 1961-69: What did they mean to you?

from Thoughts Towards a Better World by Dick Bernard

On November 15, I asked a bunch of friends to think about the following question and respond if they wished:

“Rather than focusing on “where you were, then”, or such, I’d really like you to reflect some comments about how the Kennedy-Johnson years (1961-69) impacted on you personally, and play out in your attitudes and work today.”

My mom recalls the JFK assassination

from Stubble by Tom Johnson

I was 9 years old, in fourth grade. I was sitting in our classroom, it was a Friday. It was right after lunch, we had just come in from recess (kids had recess in those times). We had just settled down and the principal walked in and announced that the president had been shot. We were all so shocked and really upset. The whole school, all 8 grades, walked over to the church – the really old church – and we had a short prayer service and then we got to go home for the rest of the day.

For the map lovers

from The PoliticOle by Joel Jaeger

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a map nerd. I convinced my podmates to hang nine different maps in our common room, I memorize world capitals for fun, and I’m still livid that the GeoChallenge app was taken off Facebook several years ago (but everyone’s angry about that).

Long story short, this means that I’m about to spew off some fun facts and anecdotes about maps at you. I promise, it does relate to politics in some way. Maps affect and reflect the nature of international relations.

Border battle week

from Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood by Mark Heuring

It’s one of those weekends where the Badgers and the Gophers play on Saturday and the Packers and Vikings play on Sunday. That happens some years. What’s rare is when the Saturday game is more noteworthy.

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