MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 11/8

5 crucial to-dos for DFL in 2014 session

from Wry Wing Politics by Joe Loveland

The Minnesota DFL is in serious danger of losing ground in the 2014 elections.  Most of the reason for that has to do with turnout – too many DFLers traditionally tend to stay home in years when there isn’t a high profile presidential race.  But there are policy steps that the DFL can take during the 2014 to  improve their chance of bucking the historic trend of Democratic setbacks in off-year elections.

My thoughts on the changing streets of Faribault

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

Honestly, I tire of the underlying, and often blatant, prejudicial jabs I hear and read about in my community. The Hispanic, Somali, Sudanese, Asian, African American and other minorities who now call Faribault home are here to stay. And some of them happen to live in my neighborhood. So what? Does this make my neighborhood less desirable? Apparently to some. Not to me, unless these neighbors disrupt the neighborhood with illegal and/or undesirable criminal activity and/or behavior.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul need parking benefit districts

from by Bill Lindeke

The more I think about the political and material landscapes of our cities, the more I believe that parking policy is one of the few effective levers our cities have over transportation. If we want to really begin to change the calculus of transportation decisions, no amount of  LRT lines, bike share kiosks, or education campaigns is going to change behavior as long as we keep offering free parking at every destination. To truly begin to shift away from the hegemony of single-occupancy vehicles, we need to change the parking equation. Parking Benefit Districts are the way forward.


from Stubble by Tom Johnson

Prosopagnosia or ‘Face-blindness’ is a disorder where people cannot distinguish the difference between faces. They cannot recognize a face. This can be manifested in several ways, some people with severe cases where they cannot recognize their family members or even their own reflection. About 2% of the entire population suffers from face-blindness, yet many people do not even know that it is a disorder to look out for.

Joan Growe in the Minnesota House of Representatives, mid 1970s

form MN70s by Dave Kenney

On November 5, 1974, DFL Representative Joan Growe won the race for secretary of state, becoming the first woman ever elected — without having been appointed first — to statewide office in Minnesota. She went on to hold that office for twenty-eight years.

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