MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 12/13

Does Minneapolis have too many stoplights?

from by Matt Steele

The reality is that we could have better outcomes at some intersections without stoplights. If we see through the “stoplight timing problem” rather than an intersection problem, we limit our potential outcomes and miss the simplest and most cost-effective solutions. And that’s before even challenging a larger assumption, those that define our streets by their ability to move cars.

Life on Selby Hill

from Saint Paul by Bike by Wolfie Browender

I introduced myself and explained why I was there, which appeared to ease the tension. We all talked for several minutes before two of the men announced they were leaving and went the way that minutes before I had come. A woman and a young man, whom I soon learned were Krystal and Edgar, remained and the three of us continued to converse. Both were very candid about their lives and what led them to living on the streets, with little money, makeshift shelter and ever-present danger.

State plans under Obamacare quietly succeeding; repeal now could hurt millions

from the Growth and Justice Blog by Alfred Eze

According to the Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit which has been tracking Obamacare enrollment data, November  produced a remarkable “enrollment surge”  in state plans that were enabled and encouraged under the Affordable Care Act. Peter Lee, who is director of California’s exchange “Covered California,” is quoted in the LA Times: “What we are seeing is incredible momentum.” The Commonwealth Fund reports California’s exchange as having enrolled nearly 80,000 people in private insurance plans through the state exchange. Already off to a hot start in October, Covered California’s enrollments have almost doubled in the first two weeks of November.

KingFish controversy getting bigger: legislators want details on cell-phone spying technology

from by Michael Brodkorb

KingFish continues to make news this week. The Star Tribune reported last evening that a group of Republican and DFL legislators want more information about the cellular exploitation devices purchased by law enforcement in Minnesota.

A bipartisan group of Minnesota lawmakers on Thursday requested information about a controversial law enforcement device that captures cellular phone data.

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