MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 12/20

What should be done if gas taxes aren’t raising enough revenue?

from The Deets by Ed Kohler

One thing that confuses me about transportation funding is the idea that raising gas taxes is politically impossible, but creating new forms of transportation taxes like a tax on every mile you drive would be feasible. To me, the raising gas taxes seems far more efficient since all of the systems are already in place to collect the taxes.

Balls and Strikes: Anatomy of a resignation

from by Michael Brodkorb

I’ve prepared a chronology of the last week to track the events leading to Todd-Malmlov’s resignation. I agree with others that if Todd-Malmlov or any member of MNsure’s board would have spoken publicly about her work at MNsure, she wouldn’t have resigned.

The coming downtown apartment bust — by the numbers

from by Janne Flisrand

I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who want our city to gain population, and I welcome the cranes. But our conversation was tacitly implying that there is escalating demand for amenities, based in a sense of unease about how long this trend can last.  Burl Gilyard’s article “What’s driving the Twin Cities apartment mania?” is a great place to learn a bit about the current boom and the reactions to it.

One of the most common reactions is a disbelief that apartments within walking distance of downtown will be able to command a significant price premium over more distant apartments, especially considering that hundreds of new apartments are being marketed simultaneously.

Federal cuts squeeze housing assistance for low-income Minnesotans

from Minnesota Budget Bites by Barb Brady

Out in the Cold: Sequestration and Federal Housing Programs in Minnesota by the Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP) and the Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities (NAHRO) shows the harmful impact of federal reductions to the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV or Section 8) and public housing. Together, Section 8 and public housing serve more than 50,000 Minnesota households, nearly 60 percent of which include seniors or people with disabilities.

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