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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 1/17

Minnesota meeds a ‘No New Roads’ pledge

from by Bill Lindeke

But as a lefty urbanist, it’s impossible to take the Minnesota Go campaign seriously when MNDOT’s actual spending priorities remain fixed on expanding exurban freeways. Zelle’s mumbling about having a “fix it first” policy means next to nothing when MNDOT is spending almost a billion dollars on new highways and bridges to Rogers and Albertville (Pop. 7,000) or Houlton, Wisconsin (Pop. 386). Quite frankly, the “chicken little” narrative with which MNDOT is framing their campaign (e.g. “The bridges are falling, we need $21B just to maintain everything!”) seems downright dishonest as long as we’re expanding freeway lanes into exurbia.

Prettner Solon steps down — a valuable asset unused

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

Prettner Solon was a valuable asset that was essentially “wasted” in the administration. I realize that what to do about the Lt. Governor’s time is a problem that the Governor may not want to deal with, but there were some possibilities.

For instance, I think she could have been a valuable intermediary regarding the current PolyMet situation. She had Senator Bakk’s ear and she knew all the relevant players involved with the Iron Range issue. Yet, she was never placed in a position to help.

These men shovel dirt

from LeftMN by Steve Timmer

Doug Mann, perennial Minneapolis School Board candidate and candidate for Minneapolis mayor last fall, started a pro se action last summer to compel a city-wide referendum on the new Viking stadium finance package…

Hook, Line & Sinker Fact-Check: MN GOP ‘MNSure Fact Sheet’ accurate

from by Michael Brodkorb

The Republican Party of Minnesota recently published a MNSure fact sheet, designed by Derek Brigham. Derek is one of the best graphic designers in Minnesota and I want to disclose that I’ve worked with Derek to design the graphics on I selected this advertisement before I knew about Derek’s involvement, but I still wanted to review the claims, because of the continued political battle over MNSure

Interview: St. Croix superintendent on paddling the ‘People’s Park’

from St. Croix 360 by Greg Seitz

Chris Stein speaks about annual paddle trip and what makes the St. Croix a special part of the National Park Service system.

Being brave: Purposeful commitment in cervical cancer advocacy

from Girl Meets Geek by Kate-Madonna Hindes

As you may or may not know, January is Cervical Cancer awareness month. Just like Pinktober, I appreciate the push for awareness and positivity for those who are battling or have battled this disease, but my jury has been out to lunch for a while if it actually HELPS the cause. I saw this bracelet on my Facebook timeline today. I couldn’t quite place my finger or brain on my conflicted thought process. I had wanted the bracelet the moment I saw it. But then, in sheer trepidation that I would be subjecting my dollars or integrity to something that I might look back with concern, I paused and then, closed the page. I came up to my bathtub, (where I strangely think best) and I started to type and feel.

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