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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 1/24

REPORT: Another possible PolyMet EIS delay

from Minnesota Brown by Aaron J. Brown

The error causes some serious flaws in the projection model used to assess most of the water quality in the study. Helmberger reports that his sources say public agencies may have to go back for up to another year of data in order to recalculate the model properly. This would, of course, cause another delay in a process that has taken almost nine years already.

MNsure: Keep making it political, or fix it — that’s the choice

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

I fully understand that there are political advantages to stand around and point fingers and criticize every glitch and foible. Lots of political points to be gained. But a Party that is truly interested in serving the public would look for ways to help fix a problem. And I seldom see a Republican solution to anything.

Republicans need to mind the (fundraising) gap

from by Michael Brodkorb

Bottom line: DFL candidates raised more money than their Republican opposition in every statewide contest in 2010, the same happened in the 2012 U.S. Senate race and it’s happening again. The danger for Republicans in 2014 is tolerating underfunded campaigns, which will be running on fumes into the Republican State Convention and then hoping for a financial windfall after they receive the endorsement. It won’t happen.

The 2014 Minnesota precinct caucuses are Februray 4

from Thoughts Towards a Better World by Dick Bernard

Yet, the seeming lowly Precinct Caucus is arguably the single most important political meeting for all political parties leading to the General Election in early November every second year. It is at these caucuses that persons propose resolutions to help the parties determine their positions on numerous issues, and those who wish run for and are elected to be delegates to a larger political gathering in a few weeks, where candidates for local and state office come to make their pitch. (Usually there are more positions open for delegate than there are candidates interested in running for the privilege of attending another meeting; but, this is the first, essential building block of the political process.)

Real life graphic designer looks at city logos

from by Bill Lindeke

Earlier this week, I received  the following Facebook message from a contributor:

A few writers were in a conversation that turned to city logos and how awful so many are. We thought it would be fun to post the logos, or water tower pics if they have the logos, and have some commentary.

As it happens, I am personally acquainted with a real life professional graphic designer who thinks about logos (and other things) for a large company right here in Minnesota. This is our conversation.

The Piano Man

from Saint Paul By Bike by Wolfie Browender

I buzzed around a couple other streets in the immediate neighborhood and rode north and west to Juno Avenue where I met up with Mark Humphrey. Mark is a piano technician who refurbishes pianos in his fully equipped, climate controlled, two level garage workshop.

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