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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 3/21

Memo to bikers, eagle art in Wabasha, all-city skating, and more.

Memo to bikers: follow the law

from by Janne Flisrand

As I pedaled home, my blood was boiling. Why is it OK to vent your irrational stereotypes to a random stranger? In this case, to a stranger who quietly spent the last two hours in your waiting room. A stranger who asked permission to put on goggles before freezing her butt off. Is it actually OK, just because she travels by bike?

Eagle art in Wabasha

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

With all that the National Eagle Center in Wabasha offers, it is perhaps easy to overlook the art.

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Subsistence foraging

from My Minnesota by John Harrington

From some of what I’ve read, this is the time of year, and the kind of weather, that might have, in the old days, caused Native Americans to eat roots and bark to stay alive. We’re fortunate to have more than adequate supplies of food and fresh vegetables in our home. But, in anticipation of (preparation for?) any forthcoming Armageddon, some of the folks who live here thought it might be interesting to learn how to prepare pine bark. Here are photos of the preparation process. 

Minneapolis night skaters: Dillon and Frank

from Stubble by Tom Johnson

Frank and Dillon are from Owatonna, and Frank currently lives in Hopkins. They are whole city skateboarders in Minneapolis.

Sweet Mercedes: If we all slowed down…

from Girl Meets Geek by Kate-Madonna Hindes

It’s easy to say that we’d all watch out for a little girl. But sometimes, we’re in a hurry to get to or from, or even downstairs to do a few projects. It’s been a rough winter up north and my mind wandered, thinking how many people had died outside this year, alone in the cold? Though not figuratively, we’ve now left major parts of rural, Minnesota stranded as another five mental health clinics closed this morning, due to budget cuts. Will we simply ignore what’s going on? Surely this is something we can control.

The story behind ‘The Street Where You Live’

from Saint Paul by Bike by Wolfie Browender

This post is unlike any I’ve done before on Saint Paul By Bike because it doesn’t involve a bike ride. Although it veers from the stated goal of the blog, it is related. This post consists of the first part of an interview I did in January 2014 with Donald Empson and his wife, Kathy Vadnais. They are the authors of the book “The Street Where You Live: A Guide to the Place Names of St. Paul”, one of my primary research resources. A sincere thanks to Don and Kathy for their time and support of my project. This interview has been edited for clarity.

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