MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 4/25

6 surprising trends about Minnesota’s Millennials

from Community Matters by Craig Helmstetter and Jane Tigan

The millennial generation (currently age 14-33), also known as generation Y or the echo boomers, has become the subject of a lot of media attention and broad generalizations. So, for our Minnesota Compass Annual Meeting we dug into the data and pulled out some trends related specifically to this age group in Minnesota. We found some interesting surprises we share with you here.

Density is an historic resource

from by Bill Lindeke

Though it may be overblown, Saint Paul and Minneapolis seem to be full of fights between “urbanists” and “preservationists” over the future of our cities. Examples include the ongoing spats over an historic but run-down house in Uptown, old single-story buildings in Dinkytown, or the width of sidewalks in Lowertown. In each of these cases, urbanists and preservationists have ended up calling each other names, rolling their eyes, and holding all-night vigils and/or emergency strategy meetings. With so much emotion on display, something must be going on.

If you think Wisconsinites love beer, brats & cheese, you’d be right

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

IN THREE YEARS of exploring Wisconsin, I’ve learned a few things:

Wisconsinites are crazy about their Packers.

Wisconsinites love their brats.

Cheese is, indeed, big in Wisconsin.

And, finally, Wisconsin residents love their beer.

Not necessarily in that order.

What a daughter learned from her dad about working in a ‘Mad Men’ world

from Duets Blog by Martha Engel

If my dad were not the man that he is, my life easily could have been much different, as Mad Men reminds me. I am grateful for the experiences of observing my dad at work. Dad taught me a lot about working in a fast-paced, “Mad Men” world – without being Don Draper. Here are a few things that I’ve learned

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