MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 5/30

The VA slow walk goes on for lack of an exception process

from Zingy Skyway Lunch by Erik Petersen

I’m mystified the White House didn’t figure out here early that the VA / Shinseki is ripe for an exception to the standard process.  Especially because they would seem to be recipient of advanced insight, ie discrediting facts that will eventually come out to make impossible the ability to sell “not systemic / rogue bureaucrats” and “phony scandal.”

ACA: Website and the law are simply not the same thing

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

The entire GOP plan has been to attack Obamacare. And the ACA gave them some ammunition with a horrible roll out and a website that was a disaster. But websites can be fixed and when the website works the law itself can actually work. And it has. People are getting healthcare via the ACA and the people in Kentucky like what they have been able to access.

West 29th street as a pedestrian destination

from by Cameron Conway

The city of Minneapolis has set aside $350,000 towards studying the possibility of reconstructing Uptown’s West 29th street as a pedestrian-only boulevard. Uptown is a tough combination of pedestrian-scale storefronts and speedy auto thoroughfares, so a pedestrian connection that’s being compared to High Line Park could be the necessary cream filling for a truly stellar pedestrian experience. While every project designer seems to want their pedestrian-oriented street project to end up ‘High Line-y’ regardless of any contextual similarity to the High Line, I believe that this project is sitting on enormous potential.

East Central Minnesota Pride to celebrate 10 years

from Pine Poker by Nathan Johnson

Voyageur Park in Pine City will again be the setting to East Central Minnesota Pride, an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) pride event to be held Sunday, June 1, 2014 from Noon to 5 p.m.

This is the tenth straight year the event will take place, offering music, food and a rendezvous of friends, family and community.  The event began in 2005, aiming to give LGBT people, those questioning, and allies an opportunity to meet and build community in an otherwise isolated part of the state.

Calling all marketers: let’s banish the word ‘should’

from the MaccaPR Blog by Gwen Chynoweth

I’ve been trying to eliminate should from my lexicon in communicating with co-workers, clients, media – anyone, actually. It’s a lesson I learned from a former co-worker and friend who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. While she struggled with her new physical reality, mental, emotional and spiritual issues also overwhelmed her. Her doctor advised her to reduce as much stress as possible so she could concentrate on coping successfully with her diagnosis. As she navigated the myriad stress-reducing techniques available, one of the most effective was really quite simple: Eliminate should from her vocabulary.

Minnesota Nice as spring

from My Minnesota by John Harrington

Discovering this delight after a morning spent drinking coffee while watching the backyard bluebird, the pear tree in blossom, listening to goldfinches, sandhill cranes, gobbling turkeys, and a variety of songbirds reminded me of why I get so frustrated by the delayed arrival of Spring around here. It’s such a wonderful treat when it arrives that, unlike waiting for Christmas, the anxiety about when and if Minnesota’s Spring will finally arrive is compounded by the certainty that, if Spring delays too long, its arrival will be overshadowed by Summer. Our Spring is just too nice to miss that way. It’s one version of “Minnesota Nice” I completely support.

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