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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 6/27

The Teflon governor; how the NRA views citizens; pedestrian access to the Green Line and more.

The Teflon governor

from by Michael Brodkorb

Republicans have been aggressive in attempting to connect headlines about the confinement of sex offenders, continued trouble with MNSure, and business relocating from Minnesota to policies enacted or supported by Dayton. But the attacks by Republicans have yet to stick to Dayton and while the label of the “Teflon” governor is apt, Dayton’s success at repealing the messaging barrage isn’t superficial.

How does the NRA view you?

from LeftMN by Jeff Wilfahrt

The header image above indicates, in bold print no less, what they think of you as a fellow citizen, and thereby a co-owner of the 2nd Amendment, if you don’t agree with them in their attached questionnaire.

The Green Line is wonderful but a challenge to access on foot

from by Sam Newberg

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But think about it — a meaningful transit investment connecting the state’s largest downtown with its largest University (and on to St. Paul!) makes sense, and it only took 150 years and $1 billion to do it. Despite some timing issues, the train ride itself is sweet. The problem lies in getting there. $1 billion later, the Green Line prioritizes vehicles first, trains second, and pedestrians third.

Why I can’t get excited about Minneapolis banning styrofoam

from North by Northside by Jeff Skrenes

The same city that touts the environmental gains of banning the use of certain compounds has demolished countless houses that were salvageable.  I am reminded every day when I look out my window that that same city OWNS and allows to deteriorate houses that would otherwise be salvageable.  Any city council member who pats themselves on the back because of a styrofoam ban, yet does nothing about house demolitions just doesn’t get it

6 reasons the Minnesota creative community can no longer be considered ‘fly-over country’

from Communications Conversations by Arik Hanson

It’s high time the rest of the country recognizes what us in Minneapolis/St. Paul have known for quite some time — this is a damn good place to work and live if you’re in the creative field.

Entrepreneurs, inventors & more at Owatonna Farmer’s Market

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

AMONG THE VENDORS selling lettuce and rhubarb, onions and the season’s first strawberries and cherry tomatoes, between those marketing jars of salsa, hunks of cheese, pickled asparagus and root beer jelly, mixed with others showcasing embroidered dish towels and bird feeders and fleece blankets and so much more, there are those who offer something just a tad bit different at the Owatonna Farmer’s Market.

When you clap for two hours, things start to change

from Stubble by Tom Johnson

Stubble: How did you get the idea to go for the “longest applause” record?

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Dustin: I had been wanting to do something with applause just as a strange phenomenon that we all partake in. It’s like a voice, kind of, we use it to express all of these different things and everyone’s voice is kind of the same with applause. We do it all through life. I have an 11-month old daughter and before she’s clapping before she’s talking. There’s a lot of interesting stuff about it.

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