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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 6/6

Validating Green Line travel times; in praise of primaries; crowdsustaining for nonprofits; and more.

Validating Green Line travel time estimates

from by Mike Hicks

Of course, the answer depends on exactly how theoretical you want to get. I decided to do a simple simulation based on what speed limit signs I could see along the route. I had started taking attention of them a few months ago as they went up, but spent a few evenings this past week trying to verify the information I already had and to add more to it. Unlike roadways where you typically have a single speed limit over great distances, rail lines tend to have special speed limits for each curve, junction, and other special areas. I also made an assumption that station stops would average 20 seconds.

1,300 DFL activists aren’t more important than hundreds of thousands of DFL primary voters

from Wry Wing Politics by Joe Loveland

I’m one of the hundreds of thousands of hard-working DFLers who instead vote in primary elections, and I am far from “insulted” that Mr. Entenza wants to make his case to me and other primary voters. Primary voters should get to choose between whichever candidates want to make their case to them, and they should have party leaders who support their right to choose.

The future of patronage is here

from Next in Nonprofits by Steve Boland

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Crowdfunding works well when there is an end goal to a big project, and a deadline. There are many things nonprofits do that aren’t based on deadlines, but rather are recurring needs. How does a nonprofit structure a crowdsustaining campaign?

Hennepin County vs. The Wirth House

from North by Northside by Jeff Skrenes

A year later and the house at 3431 Colfax Avenue North still sits in bureaucratic limbo. 

‘A place at the table of life’ – How Jan Pilarski describes Green Bridge Growers

from Poking Around with Mary by Mary Treacy

At its core the mission of Green Bridge Growers is to leverage new jobs for those with autism by employing aquaponics to grow vegetables close to consumers, year-round, and at a profit.  Though palate-impaired I recognize a recipe for a win-win enterprise.

The death of a barn

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

The state of this barn struck me for its final fortitude, its seeming determination to hang on even with bones exposed, its very soul ripped away.

Don’t let her burn: a mom’s thoughts on field day and sunburns

from Girl Meets Geek by Kate-Madonna Hindes

Tonight, I’m angry for a reason none other than the realization that my daughter’s school didn’t showcase their concern to protect her. They just reaffirmed my perception that they cared about risk and that risk outweighed the common sense to apply more sunscreen, bring my daughter inside, or call me to come and apply the protectant myself. With less than 48 hours left of the 2014 school year, my daughter could miss the next 2 days due to a blistering burn.

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