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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 7/11

Housley’s Twitter tours, thinking critically about GMOs, scoring ‘Nosferatu’ and more.

LG candidate Housley tours Minnesota bathrooms

from by Michael Brodkorb

Housley is one of the most active users of Twitter of any candidate in Minnesota. Yesterday, she decided to document her stops by tweeting out pictures of bathrooms. Yes, bathrooms.

How to critically think GMOs without a science background

from Minnesota Farm Living by Wanda Patsche

There isn’t a day that I don’t see headlines such as these in my social media newsfeed. One particular article, “Why I Changed My Stance on Eating Organic Food,” came across my newsfeed and I noticed the author was a dietician. When I think of dietitians I think of integrity so I was interested to hear what the author had to say about why she changed her stance on eating organic food. When I finished reading the article, there were a number of “red flags” and knew I needed to do some research on some of her statements.

Fate’s Palette on writing the score for Nosferatu

from Stubble by Tom Johnson

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Evan Keane does percussion, vocals and knickers in Fate’s Palette, who will be playing the soundtrack to Nosferatu at the Trylon Microcinema for six shows between July 11-13. Check out the rest of the Tylon’s 5th Annual Silent Film Festival here.

Higher than your knees

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

These are the memories I hold within my cells—the imprint of corn rows stretching into forever. My father’s work laid out before him across the acres. First, seeds dropped into the rich black soil. Next, corn rows cultivated. And then, in autumn, the combine chomping across fields. Golden kernels spilling into wagons. Trips to the grain elevator.

‘Welcome to Sweden:’ Oj, oj, oj…that was really embarrassing!

from Random Notes on America by Klas Bergman

I am talking about the new TV-series “Welcome to Sweden” that premiered last night on NBC. I knew nothing about it beforehand, and I didn’t know that it had been produced by Swedish television channel TV4, and then bought by NBC.  Shame on TV4 for taking the easy way out and playing on all the clichés about Sweden and Swedes: stupid accents, drunkenness and drinking songs, naked men in the sauna.

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