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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 8/29

McFadden’s health care two-step; the Independence Party needs a plan; Severson misleads on veteran votes; and more.

Reporters let McFadden have it both ways on health reform

from Wry Wing Politics by Joe Loveland

You can’t simultaneously support deism and atheism, or capitalism and communism.  Embracing one makes it logically impossible to simultaneously embrace the other.  They are mutually exclusive.  If a candidate came out and claimed to be for both of those ideological constructs at the same time, in an attempt to win support from supporters of each idea, they would be the laughing stock of American politics.

The Independence Party has a place, but they need a plan

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

I am going to preface this post about the Independence Party by stating my preference that the IP sticks around. My past thoughts on the IP have been somewhat pessimistic, but that’s because I’m going more for a wake up call then wishing their demise. I think that a viable third party option is important to rein in partisan tactics of the Democrats and Republicans….and a means of tempering negative campaigns. A solid Independence Party in Minnesota could do that.

Dan Severson’s claims about counting military ballots don’t seem to be supported by facts

from Bluestem Prairie by Sally Jo Sorensen

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It sounds wonderful, and patriotic and good, but counting military ballots first on election day would do nothing to addresss the systemic issues that lead to low election participation rates by members of the military.

The times don’t change: ‘The 98 per cent have some rights entitled to respect’

from A Prairie Populist by Joshua Preston

It’s time for some Minnesota trivia: Who said this?

We have had to oppose the swaggering insolence and the millions of the war profiteers and the low moral endeavor politicians made by the froth of the war.

… We needed success to call a halt to the wild orgie of Wall street legislation which the politicians thought they were safe in putting across. We needed success to convince the 2 per cent who owns 70 per cent of the nation’s wealth that the 98 per cent have some rights entitled to respect.

War Profiteering? Corruption from Wall Street? The “98 Per Cent”?

Is this some tract from the Occupy Movement?

Meatesota, Minnesota, whatever

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

THE BILLBOARD MESSAGE plays on Minnesota’s tag, “Land of 10,000 lakes.”

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