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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 9/12

The case for quarter mile bus stop spacing

from by Alex Cecchini

You know the feeling. You hop on local route XYZ, hoping for a somewhat speedy journey to work, home, or play. Maybe today the bus will hit the jackpot. Then the familiar sound comes once every block, a soothing voice speaks the words “Stop Requested.” Sometimes it happens the instant the bus is pulling away from its previous stop. Your inner Hulk flares up. But then! A glimmer of hope – a new block without anyone grasping for the yellow cord! But, somehow the Universe knows. Someone boards at the next stop anyway.

Knoblach liked ancient endorsements enough to put on lit, groups making them not so much

from Bluestem Prairie by Sally Jo Sorensen

Jim Knoblach liked endorsements from prior elections so much that he put them on this cycle’s campaign lit. But the organizations that made the endorsements?

Not so much.

At least, that’s the sense we get in reading an exchange  of letters to the editors in the St. Cloud Times.

Transpo convo: George at the bus stop

from by Monica Millsap Rasmussen

“I love MTC!” George stands at a bus stop on University Avenue on a blustery, 50 degree day, finishing his cigarette.  He had been shopping at Wal-Mart.

George exudes a love for life.

Great expectations

from My Minnesota by John Harrington

I remember, years ago, reading about how lichen help break down rocks into soil particles. Made sense, created a set of expectations. I did not expect to see lichen on trees, despite the fact that immediately outside my window are a number of trees with lichens on the branches and trunk. I “see” them — without registering what I’m “seeing” — about every day when I walk the dogs, but they weren’t — aren’t — as notable as these lichen-covered conifers in boreal woods northeast of here.

Stormtrooper for hire

from Stubble by Tom Johnson

Stubble: Do you have any good stories from past jobs? (Any kids who have gotten scared or starting hitting you with lightsabers, for example?)

David: I was standing in coffee shop (everyone needs caffeine) – and a 6 year old kid came around the corner… Kid almost passed out. I thought he was going to pee right there!! He goes running back to his Grandma (who totally doesn’t believe the kid) screaming, “THERE IS REAL STORMTROOPER BUYING COFFEE RIGHT NOW!!! I’LL SAVE YOU GRANDMA!!” Yes, the kid totally got his photo taken (and it’s posted over his bed)!

I think the shock factor is my favorite part.

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