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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 9/19

Cars feel like the future

from by Nick Magrino

Notably, we do not yet have jetpacks and robot butlers and most notably, I’m not writing this from a colony on Mars. My grandma, who is fantastic and lives on Long Island, has complained about how disappointing the future has turned out to be: “Where are the video phones? We were supposed to have video phones.”

Cars though, there are new cars on the road every year, and there don’t seem to be too many that stay on the road for longer than a decade. And lately, they’re starting to look like spaceships!

Hope for Adrian Peterson

from Wry Wing Politics by Joe Loveland

I don’t mean to be judgmental.  I’m certainly flawed, and am not qualified to judge.  I just believe that the community’s priority right now needs to be protecting abused kids, not protecting Adrian’s career or my favorite team’s season.  And fans wildly cheering an admitted child abuser this weekend in New Orleans wouldn’t have helped the cause of abused kids.  So I’m glad Adrian has been sidelined.

But none of this means that I’ve written off Adrian Lewis Peterson.  I haven’t.  I still have hopes for my former favorite player.  High hopes.  Here is what I hope:

Daybreak Bookstore brightens St. Paul’s Grand Avenue

from Poking Around with Mary by Mary Treacy

Though the word “unique” is much over-used, Daybreak truly deserves the adjective. For starts, the shop is organized by continent. According to founder Tamara Gray, Daybreak “will focus on global books with themes including social justice, religion/spirituality, women’s issues, language, travel and children’s book, as well as literature.” Readers can take a break to view the news in Arabic, French, Spanish or language of choice (within reason). There will be guest appearances by scholars, book signings, performances, book clubs, language tutoring and classes on global themes. Gray adds that the hope is that Daybreak will also become a gathering place for the community.

Sturgeon season is here… let’s dance!

from St. Croix 360 by Brian Klawitter

As a Lake Sturgeon guide, I receive a huge number of requests each year on how to catch these dinosaurs of our waters. Follow a few basic instructions, and you might have your picture taken with a giant sturgeon — without a guide!

The final amen

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

On this Saturday, four of my five siblings, two sisters-in-law and my husband pause in our labor to pray before lunch. And when that final amen leaves our lips, a sense of grief sweeps over me and I nearly cry, except I don’t.

“This is the last time we will pray in this house,” I quaver. “It’s kind of sad.” My middle brother shoots me a look that indicates he is more relieved than anything to lock the doors, to be done with this massive cleaning project, this emptying of our mother’s home.

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