MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 9/26

Choose your very own tax and spending reality

from Fiscal Fitness, the blog of the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence by Mark Haveman

As Election Day approaches and another biennial budget session looms, facts about inflation-adjusted government revenue and spending trends are flying fast and furious.  A look at why these claims deserve a highly jaundiced eye.

An open letter to young people — your voice needs to be heard

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

Hey. All you students, young people, millenials. Drop that iPad or iPhone; Take off those earbuds, headphones, and that bluetooth for just a second.

We need to talk.

Minnesota gadgetbahn — when the future of Twin Cities transit was up in the air

from by Ken Avidor

The Twin Cities is hosting the Rail-Volution conference this week. As I watched the Rail-Volution attendees gathered in the refurbished Union Depot last night, I thought what a long way we’ve come from the dark days ten years ago when nearly every transportation meeting I attended included at least one proponent of Personal Rapid Transit, an iteration of a phenomenon some transit professionals have dubbed “gadgetbahn”.

What would Oedipus say? The complicated relationship of mothers and adult sons

from Stilettos@Sixty by Elana Centor

Would it sound a tad bit like a drama queen to say my son and I have never recaptured the closeness, comfort and ease of conversation that we had during those morning walks? Is it a bad thing? Good thing? Or just a thing- a natural evolution of a mother-son relationship.

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