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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 10/3

Can the Medical Center make Rochester a real destination?

from by Leah Puffer

Most of us don’t see Rochester as a destination the way the Twin Cities are destinations. It’s still Rochester, a quiet city with that impressive medical facility. Which is what makes the proposal for the Destination Medical Center (DMC) so fascinating – we get to see to how Rochester sees itself in the future. Rochester is taking the unconventional step of declaring itself a tourist destination and then pledging to build itself into the destination it needs to be, and it is doing so while omitting nearly all mention of its Twin Cities neighbors.

Balls & Strikes: McFadden is the ‘scrappy fighter’ in ’14

from by Michael Brodkorb

Yesterday’s U.S. Senate debate between U.S. Senator Al Franken and Republican Mike McFadden was a much different debate than Governor Mark Dayton’s debate with Republican Jeff Johnson and Independence Party candidate Hannah Nicollet.

The performance of the Republican candidates and their campaigns yesterday provided political observers of both races with a clear contrast. The electoral dynamics of the two races are different, but yesterday’s performance by McFadden and his campaign solidified their placement as the top Republican candidate and campaign operation in Minnesota.

‘It’s boring’

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

You know, I feel like I was duped by the “moralists” who repeatedly stated that same sex marriage would be the end of civilization as we know it. The endless fights and threats and constitutional amendments….all of that for what is now a “boring” topic.

Michele Bachmann was a leader in those fights. She was at the forefront in the Minnesota legislature and she forced the issue in Congress. How many states put through amendments to their constitutions to enshrine discrimination in those documents, only to now have to fight with the courts on its constitutionality. 

Now, it’s boring.

Transgender teens are the next target of Minnesota bigots

from Theoblogy by Tony Jones

Think how hard it is for a trans* teen to even survive high school, much less to go out for a sport. The MSHSL is to be commended for developing a policy that will attempt to protect these vulnerable kids at a very vulnerable time in their lives.

Augsburg College rejects campus Israel group

from TC Jewfolk by Bradley Machov

On September 17th, the student government of Augsburg College voted 6 to 3 to deny chartering Students Supporting Israel (SSI) on the Augsburg campus.

Brainstorming on Faribault’s future

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

Projecting 25 years into the future allows our community to be proactive, to plan, to build on strengths, to identify weaknesses, to grow a stronger and better Faribault.

I couldn’t help but think, during this brainstorming session, how my second daughter recently reacted to news of a nephew’s upcoming move from Utah to rural Faribault. “It’s Faribault, Mom,” she said, a definite disdain tinging her words. I wondered how many other twenty-somethings share her attitude, how they can’t wait to graduate and move away.

Keeping our young people here popped up as a challenge facing Faribault. But I expect residents of almost every city or small town feel the same about the exit of their youth. I left my native southwestern Minnesota prairie at age seventeen.

What can the Jordan Neighborhood get from 26th Avenue upgrades?

from North by Northside by Jeff Skrenes

We are nearing the end of the beginning for the 26th Avenue Greenway/Bikeway.  As plans will soon be finalized, neighborhoods and interest groups are making their final pushes for amenities or tweaks to the project that benefit their goals.  Overall, this lobbying has produced good results   The “opportunity points” at the river, Farview Park, Nellie Stone Johnson School, and Theo Wirth Parkway are all great additions to the corridor.  And yet they all fall outside the boundaries of my neighborhood.

Research: some gluten-free labeled products are not really gluten free

from the Savvy Celiac by Amy Leger

What researchers found:  95% of the gluten free labeled products were under 20 ppm of gluten, and about 87% were actually less than 5 ppm.  ”Gluten-free shoppers can take comfort in the fact that the vast majority of labeled gluten-free foods tested by Gluten Free Watchdog had gluten levels below 20 parts per million, AND most of these products tested below 5 parts per million gluten. That said, ALL products labeled gluten-free should test below 20 ppm gluten and ALL products certified gluten-free should test below the standard set by the certifying organization,” Tricia Thompson told The Savvy Celiac in an email interview.

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