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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 10/31

A principled stand against death roads; a conversation about the Independence Party; Trial Advocate Stephen L. Smith; and more.

Four-lane death roads should be illegal

from by Bill Lindeke

Death Road™ is what I call 4-lane streets that have been shoehorned into a narrow right-of-way in an urban area. If you bike or walk around Minneapolis or Saint Paul, you can recognize a Death Road™ in an instant. It’s a four-lane street where cars are weaving unpredictably at high speeds, turning left at low speeds. You’ll see cars speeding around other cars stopped waiting to make a turn, or cars weaving around other cars racing to make a stoplight. Death Roads™ often have narrow sidewalks and usually lack an on-street parking buffer.* The mix of speeds and multiple lanes means that biking on, driving on, or trying to cross one of these streets can be deadly.

A conversation with Kyle Lewis — former IP officer

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

I had a very pleasant face to face, sit down conversation with former Independence Party Vice Chair Kyle Lewis today. We went through a range of topics but mostly we talked about the IP. Where it is and how it got there.

Minnesota Litigator Profile: Trial advocate Stephen L. Smith

from Minnesota Litigator by Seth Leventhal

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Twin Cities litigator Stephen L. Smith stands out as an advocate for many reasons but, unlike all of the other Minnesota Litigator profile subjects, his practice is also extraordinary because he has an active practice on both the criminal and the civil side.

A passionate ‘genius’

from News Day by Mary Turck

Volunteering at a rape crisis center in college changed Sarah Deer’s life. She worked with rape victims, heard their stories, accompanied them through trials. The crisis center was “grass-roots, tiny,” Deer says, but its influence was huge. Her work there set her on the road to becoming a lawyer and, this year, winning the prestigious MacArthur Foundation fellowship commonly known as a “genius grant.”

Devastating consequences from a sow farm fire

from Minnesota Farm Living by Wanda Patsche

As I was sitting in my combine seat this past Saturday afternoon thinking about how nice the corn looked as I was harvesting, I noticed to my north and east smoke. I honestly didn’t think too much of it—thinking someone was burning their CRP land or burning a road ditch. What I didn’t realize at the time was this smoke was a sow farm burning. Cougar Run is a sow farm (sows and piglets) located about 20 miles northeast from where I live and there were billows of smoke coming from it’s barns. As I have had some time to process this tragedy, I realize there are some other devastating consequences from this fire.

Halloween is for bullies too

from Kristine Holmgren — Drama Queen by Kristine Holmgren

This year, when the Halloween doorbell rings,  I open it to a new generation of ragamuffins and bullies.

But new studies exploring the roots of bullying teach us new things about our children.  The lesson is simple — when we treat them with respect, when we educate them and nourish them well, they grow into productive citizens.

How Shabbat can heal the tyranny of busyness

from The Middle Stages by Amy Gage

The word Shabbat literally means “ceasing” or “stopping,” a concept I am only beginning to grasp at middle age — and one made more difficult in a time when being digitally connected (always on, forever reachable) is expected, if not embraced.

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