MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 12/5

Ferguson-Garner: Points to key of law enforcement minority hiring

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

There is a hopeless void of trust between city police departments and the urban core community. It is toxic. It must be fixed. And these recent grand jury cases have underscored this lack of trust…and the hopelessness that permeates the black minority in this country.

I understand the need for a higher standard of prosecution in the case of police officers. They need latitude to do their jobs. But it is painfully obvious that this latitude is not even handed. Black community members do not get the same respect, the same assumptions, given to white members of the same communities.

It’s not over

from News Day by Mary Turck

Justice demands that we look at the painful facts of racism and economic injustice, and that we take action toward change. Those actions range from the direct actions protesting the consumer machine that brings us Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the entire shop-until-you-drop season, to educating ourselves and others, to speaking up at family gatherings and at work. As one of the speakers at the November 25 march said, “When this is over, it’s not over.” Time to keep working, my friends.

‘Put it down the window and climb out’: Vice-President Humphrey at the University of Minnesota (1969-1970)

from A Prairie Populist by Joshua Preston

In 1969, after having lost the presidential election to Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey was, for the first time in twenty-four years, a private citizen. Having served as Minneapolis mayor (1945-1948), a U.S. Senator (1949-1965), and vice president (1965-1969), he returned home to Waverly, MN, disappointed but unready to retire. As the dust from the campaign settled, Humphrey was already on the phone with University of Minnesota President Malcolm Moos discussing his return to teaching.

Traffic safety, Wisconsin style

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

TYPICALLY, I SHOOT hundreds of images on a 600-mile round trip from Faribault, MN., to Appleton, WI., to visit our daughter.

But not this time.

Winter wedged her way onto the van windows Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. Frost, road spray and rain that froze onto the windshield diminished my photo numbers to 27 frames. Darn winter.

The Viking Outfitter

from Rediscovering Emmaville by Mike Spry

Ray was a retired 3M employee, but never worked in Maplewood or any other manufacturing plant.  Ray worked as a fishing guide at 3M’s conference center, located 3 miles east of Emmaville on Big Mantrap Lake.  He marketed himself as the “Viking Outfitter” and was a local legend.  Ray and his wife, Lillelue, a spunky retired schoolteacher, lived just a mile north of Emmaville in a modest house in the woods.

A sea of poinsettias

from My Northern Garden by Mary Schier

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend, with visits from family, Black Friday shopping with my daughter and her friend and lots of food, including a pie made with cranberries and the last of my homegrown cherries. It was topped off with a visit to the Bachman’s greenhouses in Lakeville Sunday afternoon, courtesy of my friend Gwen and her husband, John, who works there.

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