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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 2/27

Tip penalty threatens economic security for Minnesotans; let’s close Portland Ave. for a few weeks and see how it goes; and more.

Tip penalty threatens economic security for Minnesotans

from Minnesota Budget Bites by Clark Biegler

The minimum wage sets a wage floor among all workers, and for tipped workers provides a certain level of stability. This bill would erode the progress our state made last session when policymakers passed a long overdue raise to the state’s minimum wage so that workers’ wages can catch up and keep up with the cost of living.

Free idea: Let’s close Portland Ave for a few weeks and see how it plays out

from by Nick Magrino

I don’t mean for that all to sound negative, because I’m very excited about the park–Vote Fire Pits ’15!!!–and its potential to be a real place. But it just seems odd…who’s taking Portland, a southbound one-way, from Washington Avenue to points south and absolutely needs that automobile link? Portland Avenue continues past this park, uninterrupted, for 11.6 miles before ending in this nice neighborhood in East Bloomington by the Minnesota River, but it starts just a few blocks north of the park at the Mississippi River.

Sick swan rescue spotlights severity of lead poisoning problem

from St. Croix 360 by Greg Seitz

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The loving actions of trumpeter swan, the heroic efforts of a couple paddle-powered rescuers, and the medical care of a Minnesota wildlife hospital are calling attention to the trouble that lead fishing tackle and ammunition poses to the birds.

Exploring Minnesota’s Sax-Zim bog

from Squeaky Green Machine by Heidi Van Heel

Temperatures were in the negative digits and the sun was still below the horizon when we left the Bed & Breakfast in Hibbing, Minnesota. It was nearly 6am as we pointed our car towards Sax-Zim Bog, a layer of ice coated the rear window and we had every inch of skin covered in anticipation of the winds whipping the snowy landscape – but we wanted to see a Great Gray Owl.

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