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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 3/20

The 2015 Tax Incidence study; seeing black and blue; the cost of parking vs. bus passes; writing advice from Robert Bly; and more.

Other messages in the 2015 Tax Incidence Study

from Fiscal Fitness, the blog of the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence by Mark Haveman

Despite 150-plus pages of jam-packed detail on who pays what taxes, one single finding gets 99% of the attention: the breakdown of effective tax rates – the taxes a household pays compared to its income – by population deciles. This allows for comparisons of household tax burdens for different income groups. Unsurprisingly, thanks to the tax changes made in 2013, the study projects that the 10% of households with the state’s highest incomes will have effective tax rates more in line with the rest of the state by 2017, communicating that progress has been made on the “pay their fair share” front.

But behind the headline is the story itself which is a lot more complicated and nuanced. Here are three other messages to be gleaned from the results.

Choosing to see black and blue

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

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While I still cannot see a black and blue dress, the message is absolutely clear to me. We all need to start seeing domestic abuse in all its forms. Sometimes the abuse is visible. Often it is not. Emotional abuse (lies, manipulation, controlling behavior, etc.) is even more common than physical abuse. Domestic abuse can also take the form of spiritual abuse.

We need to understand that these women are not to blame for the abuse inflicted upon them. We need to understand that they are being manipulated/controlled/brainwashed. We need to understand that “love” and mind control are powerful. We need to understand that we cannot simply swoop in and “rescue” them.

Chart of the Day: City of Minneapolis parking benefit costs

from by Bill Lindeke

According to a data request from the city, there are currently 163 employees in appointed positions, though this number will vary a bit from pay period to pay period from regular churn in a group of that many people. Out of that group, 30 employees choose the Metropass and 81 choose contract parking, which is mostly located in the Federal Courthouse ramp across the street from City Hall. The City has offices all over Minneapolis, and presumably most of those employees who didn’t choose an option work outside downtown where free parking is provided onsite or on street nearby. Each Metropass costs $76/month, while each parking space costs $145/month.

Writing advice from Bly, Merwin, and Pound: ‘It’s always good to learn another language and translate’

from A Prairie Populist by Joshua Preston

A few years ago I corresponded with poet Robert Bly, and I asked him what advice he had for young writers. In his late-eighties and ill, I did not expect an answer, and so I was surprised (even more: nervous) when a few weeks later a familiar cream-colored envelope arrived. 

Another Slow Nite at the Terminal

from Stubble by Tom Johnson

Stubble: What is Slow Nite? How’d it come into existence?

Luke: Slow Nite is a monthly event series at the Terminal Bar featuring local instrumental musicians. It’s centered around the idea of slowness with respect to the organization and consumption of music events as well as being held on a Tuesday night which is often a literal slow night. It’s part concert and part absurdist, non-televised situational comedy. It started when I got frustrated booking shows for my own band, where we needed to convince someone that we are “good”, bring in lots of people and wait through 3 hours of other bands for our time slot. Instead, I wanted to attempt to curate a better booking and concert experience centered around 1 band playing for a relatively short amount of time.

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Minnesota’s Red Dress Collection and me

from My Life in Red by Jen Thorson

I never met a microphone I didn’t like, and the microphone, stage, and crowd last Saturday at the Minnesota’s Red Dress Collection fashion show did not disappoint. I got to wear a designed-for-me gown by Thom Navarro, get made beautiful by Lili Salon Spa hair and makeup artists, and be adorned with gems by Realia by Jen. I loved the runway and even the cameras and how much fun all the models (local celebrities — journalists, bloggers, radio hosts, athletes, TV stars) had while shining a very bright spotlight on women and heart disease.

What I ‘Lafond’ on Blair

from Saint Paul by Bike by Wolfie Browender

As I rode toward home I realized I spent the majority of the journey pedaling along only two streets, Blair and Lafond Avenues. I later discovered I had covered 25 of the 28 blocks of Blair-nearly four miles total.

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