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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 5/8

Let’s rethink the regional transit sales tax

from by Alex Cecchini

Here’s my proposal: 1) Instead of a region-wide sales tax increase, create a 3/4 cent Hennepin-Ramsey sales tax to fund system expansion and operations, and 2) keep CTIB at its current rate, with a focus on building intra-county transitways as well as continuing to subsidize region-wide transit operations.

Suburbs only need to negotiate with each other as to which projects to prioritize from a now much larger pot of money. Examples include Gold Line/Gateway BRT, Orange Line BRT, etc – lines that cross into the core counties but primarily serve commuters into either downtown.

Senate transportation omnibus bill expands access to driver’s licenses

from Minnesota Budget Bites by Clark Biegler

Having a driver’s license can open a door to greater economic opportunity for immigrants that has a positive ripple effect on the state’s economy. Workers are able to get to their jobs safely and reliably, and can get to more job opportunities. With a large share of the population aging out of the workforce, Minnesota can’t afford to leave qualified workers on the sidelines because they are unable to get to work. As these Minnesotans are able to increase their earnings, that also creates a boost in consumer spending that’s good for our state economy. This provision also keeps our roads safer by requiring everyone to take a driving test before they’re behind the wheel.

Should do, could do, and won’t do: forecasting the Wolves offseason

from Complicated Offense by Sean Olsen

So while there is some hope, there’s still a lot of work left to do.  And there’s a lot of reason not to be optimistic about the organization’s ability to maximize the positives here. The peculiarities of Glen Taylor’s ownership and the near total-control of Flip Saunders over the organization limits the range of moves the team will explore.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at three scenarios for the Wolves offseason.

The return of the dandelions

from Squeaky Green Machine by Heidi Van Heel

Dandelions can lose some of their magic in adulthood when you try to control their invasion into your yard. My hands have turned into claws and I’ve walked bent at a 45 degree angle after hours spent removing them by hand. But other adults have continued to enjoy their magic by turning them into dandelion wine, I applaud their ingenuity and have enjoyed sampling their efforts. They also have extensive uses in herbal medicine and every part of them can be eaten, including the flowers and roots.

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  1. Submitted by beryl john-knudson on 05/10/2015 - 07:13 am.

    Nothing fills a crack in the sidewalk on a morning stroll…

    than that burst of one dandelion daring to shine yellow in unexpected places?

    And consider its forever lifespan…pollution can’t kill it,yet?

    I still look for the first Robin but also the first Dandelion as a promise of the slow arriving Spring…praise it and salute its arrival?

    Ode to the dandelion…

    If you could be a dandelion

    why wish to be a rose?

    A Dandelion is not confined to garden plots

    nor flower pots

    but just grows

    and grows

    and grows..beryl j-k 1950

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