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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 7/24

Planned Parenthood and medical research; missed opportunities in the legislative session; Fargo photography furor; and more.

Planned Parenthood Investigation? Then Also Talk Ending Research

from mnpACT! Progressive Political Blog by Dave Mindeman

If you want to end the fetal tissue research practices, yes, you can do that. But if you want that debate, then also discuss the trade offs that are necessary. The research into disease progress that must end. The sufferings of people with long term illnesses that will continue without hope. Be honest about that as well.

Legislative Session Meant Many Opportunities Missed, Some Taken

from Minnesota Budget Bites by Clark Biegler

With an almost $2 billion projected surplus to work with in setting the next two-year budget, policymakers had opportunities to make targeted new investments after more than a decade of flat or declining funding in many public services. However, there was also a threat that policymakers would pass large tax cuts that would crowd out such investments, and harm the state’s ability to sustainably fund our needs.

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

from After Thought by Nancy Edmonds Hanson

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The Fargo mob panicked last week over a shooting. It didn’t involve guns and the Second Amendment, though. It was touched off by a camera and the First.

By now the whole region knows about the furor generated by a would-be guardian of the peace who spotted a man taking photos above Island Park Pool. He became suspicious because he felt the photographer was “lurking” (in plain view on a public sidewalk beside a heavily traveled street at midday) and possibly photographing children in the adjacent pool area (which hadn’t yet opened for the day).

The alarmed observer posted an inflammatory warning plus his own photos of the presumed miscreant on Facebook … setting off a citywide hysteria exceeding anything spawned by an actual crime in a good long time.

The Clothesline Beyond Laundry

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

ON SUNDAY, JULY 26, a clothesline takes on an entirely different purpose than drying laundry as the Crisis Resource Center of Steele County and Redeemer Lutheran Church of Owatonna bring The Clothesline Project to Central Park in Owatonna. Begun in Cape Cod in 1990, the national art project raises awareness about violence against women. Those impacted by such violence express their emotions by writing on t-shirts. The shirts are then strung on a clothesline.

How people get started biking

from Biking in Mpls by Lindsey Wallace

In the five months since I started this blog, I’ve done a number of interviews with Twin Cities area cyclists. I like to ask them for the details on how they got started biking in the first place. A consistent theme has emerged over time. One major way people first start biking is simply because they see other people doing it.

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