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MN Blog Cabin Roundup, 9/4

Lyndale-Hennepin bottleneck through the years; who owns a wedding ring; pumpkins, picking and prayer; and getting rad on bikes.

GIF of the Day: Hennepin-Lyndale Bottleneck Through the Years

from by John Edwards

Reconstruction of Minneapolis’ Hennepin/Lyndale bottleneck has begun. There will be traffic tweaks and some much needed bike/pedestrian improvements, but this reconstruction won’t be a radical makeover of the kind Scott Shaffer proposed over a year ago. Scott suggested we “drop the spaghetti bowl” (a “mess of undulating streets and arcing flyover ramps to and from the freeway, and wide swaths of dirty, grassy land between and underneath them”) and fill it in with businesses, homes, and people.

There was such a time, before the spaghetti bowl, and I have GIF’d it (using maps from this archive).

Giving back the ring… and a whole lot more besides

from Family-In-Law by Michael Boulette

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When I first started practicing family law, all my friends seemed to ask the same question:

If we break-up, who gets the ring?

The frequency with which I had to answer was probably a time-of-life thing. Buying an engagement ring was just more proximate than the thought of paying a retainer.

Pumpkins, Picking & Prayer

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED to coax a cat onto a pumpkin? It is difficult at best.

I am not a cat owner. But I grew up with farm cats, simply calling, “Here, kitty kitty,” and the felines would come running. They did not, however, appreciate any attempts to dress them in doll clothes and then plop them into a doll buggy.

Doing rad sh*t on bikes: an interview

from Biking in Mpls by Lindsey Wallace

Biking in Mpls: Why do you like biking so much?

Brandon: I like it because I have to be tricked into exercise. I’ve tried to get a gym membership or take classes. It’s bullshit. That stuff is garbage, I hate that. I cannot do it. I don’t feel good after. I feel exhausted but I don’t feel like I accomplished anything. I feel like I picked things up and put them down and that was as far as it went. And running? I hate running. No one is allowed to do running and enjoy it.

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But biking, firstly you’re going somewhere. You get to see the sights. I get to practice skills. The reason I skateboarded for so long, and the reason I gained any muscle on any part of my body, was because in trying to learn tricks or trying to do a maneuver, you’re also teaching weird parts of your body fine motor control. You’re building this muscle mass in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise. Not only are you tricking yourself into exercise, you’re tricking yourself into being a well-rounded athlete. You get this transportation element out of it, there’s a social aspect to it.

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