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MN Blog Cabin Roundup 11/25

Justice for Jamar Clark; fear of refugees; the life-changing power of signal timing; and more.

The world is on fire: standing in solidarity with #Justice4Jamar

from TC Jewfolk by Carin Mrotz

When we see our world ablaze with unnecessary suffering, with racial injustice, with an unarmed African American shot and killed by police officers, we as Jews are morally obligated to respond. Our Jewish tradition demands we slow down enough to pay attention to those who cry out for justice, for equality, for human dignity. This is the moral legacy Abraham bequeathed to us; engagement in the world is the responsibility of each individual Jew, and for the Jewish community. 

Fear in America: The immigrant problem

from Old and in the Way by Gary Sankary

Thanksgiving is a great time to bring up the ironies that only a historian can. In Thanksgivings case, the irony of glorifying our Puritan forbearers for leaving behind the religious oppression of Europe in order to find a religious freedom here in America. The Ted Cruz and American Exceptionalism crowd who are so adept at whitewashing history love to point out that freedom and religious tolerance are at the core of American values.

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And I truly believe they are, which is why I’m so damned disappointed these days to see how quickly these values are tossed aside by xenophobic rhetoric and fear. Seriously, we either are the promise of freedom espoused on many of our most iconic national symbols, or we aren’t and we should just send the Statue of Liberty back to France, and sand blast the that radical Emma Lazarus poem off the pedestal because frankly, it doesn’t represent who we are as a country anymore. Maybe we can symbolically use the bricks to as a corner stone to start building Donald Trump’s new border wall.

Signal timing transformed my everyday

from by Janne Flisrand

I’ve lived three doors from the intersection of 22nd Street and Hennepin Avenue South for 19 years. I have to cross Hennepin to get to 90 percent of the places I go. For 19 years, my every-day getting-around has been ruled by the insistence of that stoplight rushing drivers north and south along Hennepin, telling me to wait, wait, wait, Wait, Wait, WAIT, WAIT until it’s my “turn.” WAIT. … Ok, now hurry up and go.

Flipping the bird at Thanksgiving

from The Middle Stages by Amy Gage

It’s not that I’m an ingrate or fail to recognize the many unearned blessings in my life. I simply want no part of Thanksgiving. I don’t need the 4,500 calories that the Average American consumes in the carbohydrate- and gravy-laden meal served on the fourth Thursday of each November. I don’t want to expend the time or money shopping for food, and I’m even less interested in spending days preparing it. Instead, after having to cancel a visit to see my sister in Colorado because of work, I am spending Thanksgiving the way I wish I spent more weekends — with no plans at all.

Don’t miss these fun bike events happening Thanksgiving weekend

from Biking in Mpls by Lindsey Wallace

For those of you spending this Thanksgiving with family, you might be in for many hours of biting your tongue. I get it. I’m there with you. This is a rough time. It’s hard to be on social media right now. I’m sure it will be even harder to be around relatives who might say bigoted things.

Riding your bike can be a good way to shed that excess frustrated energy or to burn off all that pie you’ll be eating. There are several fun bike things happening this weekend that you shouldn’t miss.

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