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MN Blog Cabin Roundup 2/5

Health insurance cost increases; the middle ground between Bernie and Hillary; and more.

The unfairness of health insurance increases

from Minnesota Farm Living by Wanda Patsche

When possible, acquiring and maintaining health insurance is part of being a responsible United States citizen. We are all adjusting to our new mandated healthcare plan – the Affordable Care Act, or better known as Obamacare. The concept of Obamacare was new to many of us – basically a one-size fits-all healthcare system. We could no longer choose an insurance plan that fit us. When Obamacare was introduced, I will admit I was skeptical. I remember watching television and listening to President Obama attempting to sell his healthcare plan to us – the citizens of the United States. I remember him telling the American people that families should expect to save about $2500 per year. After his speech, I honestly thought, “well, he should know more about this new healthcare program than I do” and I changed my attitude and was willing to “give it an honest try.” But, unfortunately, I felt like I was sold a bill of goods – I did not see a savings of $2500. Not even close. And it really has become evident this year with the unfairness of health insurance increases.

The health reform middle ground between Bernie and Hillary

from Wry Wing Politics by Joe Loveland

To hear Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign tell it, you would think that there is absolutely no way to transition from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) world of today to an eventual Medicare-for-All world that her opponent Senator Bernie Sanders promotes.

The Iowa primaries and ourselves

from Thoughts Towards a Better World by Dick Bernard

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Only one piece of data interested me related to the just completed Iowa Caucuses:

How many people participated in those caucuses?

A day after the caucus, a news program briefly flashed the numbers:

Republican: about 186,000
Democrat: about 171,000

A quick search of the Iowa Secretary of State data base shows Iowa with 2,090,298 registered voters as of January 4, 2016.

Don’t go to the gym

from by Adam Miller

Last fall I joked that I was working on a theme of four word post titles and someone tweeted me a helpful topic suggestion about not driving to the gym (apologies to whomever made the suggestion, I can’t seem to find it anymore).

At the time, I thought it was a good idea but that I’m not really the one to write it, as I don’t really go to the gym.* Sure, there is something silly about getting in your car to go somewhere to exercise, but I think it’s more my style to fight the hypo. Rather than recommend that you get an extra mile or whatever of cardio by propelling your own body to the gym, I’m just going to say: don’t go to the gym.

The impressive Owatonna Power Plant building

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

NO MATTER HOW OFTEN I TRAVEL through downtown Owatonna, I remain impressed by the massive and historic Owatonna Power Plant building hunkered along the banks of the Straight River.

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