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MN Blog Cabin Roundup 3/25

What happened at the Black Lives Matter protest; Obama visits Cuba; private prisons in Minnesota; and more.

What I saw at the Black Lives Matter protest

from Minnexplore by Christi Mastley

If the Minneapolis police department hadn’t released this video, there wouldn’t be any reason for me to write this. But they did, and here’s their version of the protests – at least according to the video.

So, in response to Police Chief Harteau’s version of events, here’s what I can tell you about what I saw at the Black Lives Matter protest. Am I the most informed or relevant “reporter”? Hell no, but when the powers-that-be leave behind truth-telling in the favor of blatant propaganda, refuting that propaganda is anyone’s game. Am I biased? Hell yes, but I guarantee you I’m not as biased as Harteau is.

President Obama in Cuba

from Views from the Edge by Gordon C. Stewart

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President Obama’s decision to visit to Cuba and his call to end the U.S. embargo bring me joy. It’s time to “normalize” relationships between our two countries.

But what does normalizing mean between the capitalist super power and tiny island socialist republic 90 miles from the Florida coast? A return to normal or a new kind of normal?

The two wolves…. a springtime reflection. And President Obama visits Cuba

from Thoughts Towards a Better World by Dick Bernard

Sunday President Obama flew into Havana and is there through today. The predictable positioning takes place in the media and from the chattering political class: what he’s doing is wonderful; it is treasonous; it is too much, too soon; it is too little, too late….

You have to start somewhere.

From my perspective, “face to face” meetings of any sort are valuable in beginning or restoring relationships. They are an essential part of the process of developing, or renewing, understanding.

Stopping private prison profiteering in Minnesota

from The Advocates Post by Mary Turck

They are not building these prisons to stay empty,” Reverend Ovester Armstrong, Jr. told protesters at the Minnesota State Office Building on March 22. “They are building these prisons to fill them up.” Inside, the House Public Safety Committee held hearings on re-opening a private prison in Appleton. The private prison is owned by the Correctional Corporation of America (CCA), the largest prison company in the United States.

Why our pigs don’t live outdoors

from Minnesota Farm Living by Wanda Patsche

Yes, that’s right. Our pigs don’t live outdoors and I will tell you why it’s better for their lives. Honestly, if I lived in a utopian world, I would have no problem with our pigs living outdoors. In fact, I probably would live outdoors right along side them. A Utopian world means a perfect life with no discomfort, sickness or injuries. But a world of utopia is just an ideologic vision that is not attainable, no matter how hard we try. 

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Ghosts in the China cabinet

from After Thought on Unheralded Fish by Nancy Edmonds Hanson

My generation’s daughters, most of them, have made it abundantly clear to us by now: They don’t much want the family heirlooms we’re storing for them in our basements.

What now?

It’s become the dilemma du jour among many of my friends ― a lingering challenge that snuck up when we weren’t looking. As we ourselves reach the stage when downsizing sounds delightful, we’ve discovered the dark side of having custody of our families’ tangible history. The kids don’t want this stuff.

Part IV from Wanamingo: Touring Trinity Church

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

THE LUTHERAN CHURCH STANDS solid on a corner lot a few blocks off Wanamingo’s Main Street. Brick strong. Enduring strong. In the faith strong.

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