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MN Blog Cabin Roundup 3/4

Comparing costs of local government; wage theft in Minnesota; parking at the proposed St. Paul soccer stadium, explained; and more.

Comparing Minnesota’s prices of local government

from Fiscal Fitness, the blog of the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence by Mark Haveman

Where in Minnesota is local government’s claim on the economy and the income of local citizens the greatest?  How do local governments’ fiscal footprints differ across the state?  And how does the ability to export local tax burden to non-residents affect this footprint?

Our new report “Comparing Minnesota’s Prices of Local Government” explores these and related questions by measuring the relative cost of local government to residents on a county-by-county basis across the state.

Wage theft in Minnesota

from News Day by Mary Turck

Steven Suffridge worked nights at a fast food restaurant. Sometimes his supervisors said he had to work straight through the mandatory 30-minute break, but the restaurant still deducted the time from his paycheck. That’s one of the examples of wage theft cited in an investigative series from Workday Minnesota. Other examples come from janitors, health care workers, construction, on-line jobs, and more.

The “classic example” of wage theft, according to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, is a worker who leaves a job and then doesn’t receive a final paycheck.

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Your MN United Midway stadium parking explainer

from Brian Quarstad

Where will Minnesota United FC fans park? That question promises to be with us for a while. Brian Quarstad and Alex Schieferdecker examine where fans will park, and why Midway redevelopment the site plan doesn’t seem to provide it.

The more relevant poll finding pundits are ignoring

from Wry Wing Politics by Joe Loveland

As pundits continually remind us, Trump is indeed the runaway Republican front-runner. But this doesn’t mean he is broadly popular.  All this really means is that his antics have charmed about 40% of the one-third of Americans who participate in Republican primaries. That equates to about 14% of the general election electorate.  So, yes, he’s the front-runner for the nomination, and that’s a shocking thing.  But we have to keep in mind that eight months from now, he needs to win over a lot more people to win a general election.

Are ‘Bernie-Bros’ really Clinton’s big problem?

from Thoughtful Bastards by Paul Udstrand

If you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter you’re no doubt familiar with the ubiquitous accusation that you’re succumbing to an insidious expression of sexism. My first encounter with this accusation arrived on Facebook shortly after I posted an article I wrote about a big Sanders event in St. Paul MN. “Sorry sexist boys but Hillary’s the next President”. Although this comment was somewhat playful those that followed, and a subsequent plethora of articles, FB memes, and conversations, clearly establish that this isn’t a playful jab, it’s a real thing. Many Clinton supporters actually believe that a vote for Hillary is the only responsible choice that any serious supporter of feminism can possibly make.

#stcloudsowhite — Not anymore!

from #unitecloud by Natalie Ringsmuth

Fastforward with me now from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. Setting: St. Cloud area. This area was rightfully known as #whitecloud (minus that hashtag – back then we were all obsessed with Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?). This is the Central Minnesota that I grew up in. This is also the Central Minnesota that comedian Adrian Washington moved to in the mid ’90’s. He was one of the only people of color that attended Apollo high school at that time (he graduated in 1995).

Now this is the kind of Minnesota winter day I like

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

SATURDAY BROUGHT A RESPITE from winter. An unbelievable respite as the temperature rocketed to new record highs throughout Minnesota. At the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, the high temp of 56 degrees broke the previous high of 54 degrees set 120 years ago on February 27, 1896.

Job alert: Get paid to watch sports

from Stubble by Tom Johnson

From an office at the Fifth Street Towers in downtown Minneapolis, Sportsradar operators are sitting at their desks and watching sports. The office is a major player in a quickly growing industry of turning shots on goal and yards run into a stream of data – and they’re hiring now.

Stubble: What does Sportsradar do in a nutshell?

Brandon: Sportradar is the preeminent source for sports data services and products across the globe for leaders in technology and digital media, broadcasters, fantasy sports, social media and gaming. In the US, we are focusing on building a new suite of value-enhancing products and applications with a focus on one-of-a-kind fan experiences and end-user customization capabilities.

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