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MN Blog Cabin Roundup 5/13

Dayton’s #1 priority; a call for less judgment; a saunter around Minneapolis; and five things NOT to say to a pregnant lady.

How hard will Gov. Dayton fight for his #1 priority?

from Wry Wing Politics by Joe Loveland

Governor Dayton has been very clear that early education investment is his Administration’s top priority. But you’d never know it by looking at the budget proposals coming out of the Minnesota Legislature so far this year.

A little less judgment can’t hurt

from After Thought on by Nancy Edmonds Hanson

Nothing damns quite as quickly as the words “drug addiction.” Just look at Prince.

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Hailed as a groundbreaking artist, the Minneapolis musician was near-universally mourned when he died unexpectedly in the Twin Cities last month. But the tributes had barely begun when hints of something darker began to poke through the admiring narrative: hints that a drug overdose, rather than (as claimed) the flu lay behind a medical emergency that grounded his private plane in mid-April. When he was found dead two weeks later, those squirming suspicions burst forth full-grown.

A Minneapolis saunter

from by  Janelle Nivens

On Saturday, May 7 in New York City a group of people known as Shorewalkers hit the trails along the shoreline of Manhattan for The Great Saunter, a 32 mile epic urban hike. Someday I will join them, but this year I decided to walk in solidarity and complete a 32 mile walk in Minneapolis. Since I’ve already walked the Grand Rounds loop (the route I’d recommend if I organized an official event), I decided to set out for the day without a predetermined route.

Top five things not to say to a pregnant lady (that people have said to me)

from TC Jewfolk by Leora Itman

I’m super pregnant. Thirty-six weeks. With a boy. So it looks like I have an extra large basketball hanging off my belly and when I stand up I groan like an old woman. #pregnantwomanproblems

The one thing that IS really starting to bug me though, are the comments people make about my gigantic belly.  And yes, as you can see from the pic, it’s big. LOL for sure.  But there are tactful ways to note that I’m pregnant and bond with me over that.  Here are a list of the top five things you should never say to a pregnant woman that people HAVE said to me this month (seriously) plus a few things you could say.

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