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MN Blog Cabin Roundup 6/10

Was the drafting error a good reason to veto the tax bill?; policy interventions can shrink racial disparities; why Minneapolis should keep 29th Ave. closed to cars; and more.

Is the ‘drafting error’ justification for the tax bill veto legit? You make the call!

from Fiscal Fitness, the blog of the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence by Mark Haveman

The Governor’s veto of the 2016 tax bill based on the now infamous “$100 million dollar drafting error” has potentially major ramifications for state policy and for citizens themselves.  The Administration insists nothing could be done to remedy this situation short of legislative action, and signing this bill would have been fiscally irresponsible.  Republicans countered these things happen and there are several ways to justify administering the law based on legislative intent.

Who’s right?  Who knows?  But it’s morbidly interesting and entertaining in a “that’s why I didn’t go to law school” sort of way to examine the arguments on each side.

Smart policy interventions can shrink racial disparities: national mortality rates edition

from Minnesota Budget Bites by Ben Horowitz

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When researchers looked at mortality rates of younger Americans across the country, they found that policy choices are shrinking the health-based inequities that exist in our society. Their findings remind us that we’ve come a long way in the struggle for health equity, while also impelling us to continue working to ensure that someday, someone’s zip code and skin color won’t play a role in determining their life span.

Seven reasons to keep 29th avenue closed to cars

from by Matthew Hendricks

After a test closure of 29th Avenue at the Midtown Greenway that has been in place for a year, the City of Minneapolis is proposing to turn the closure into a ‘half closure’ on a long-term basis. The City’s proposal is to open 29th Avenue to northbound traffic, bringing more traffic back to a key route for people biking and walking to Seward Montessori School.

Freedom rings at East Side Freedom Library!

from Poking Around with Mary by Mary Treacy

Robert Frost reminded us that “freedom lies in being bold!” I’m not sure if the stoic New England adoptee ever cheered, but if he did he would lead the cheer for the East Side Freedom Library which just last week celebrated its second year.

In something like the Miracle on Greenbrier Street the power of vision, passion and grit have transformed an abandoned public library building on St. Paul’s East Side. Phoenix-like, the once forlorn Carnegie Library is reborn as the East Side Freedom Library, a beehive of ideas, a hotbed of energy and a community resource of powerful potential.   Much of the impetus and support for ESFL comes from organized labor — Somewhere Andrew Carnegie, whose legacy lives on in the magnificent building, is bemused by the triumph of the “working boys” for whom the library was originally intended.

Exploring a greater Boston neighborhood from a Minnesotan’s perspective

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

WELCOMING FRONT PORCHES grace nearly every home in the neighborhood where my son lives in Somerville, Massachusetts near Tufts University…

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