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MN Blog Cabin Roundup 6/17

The Orlando shooting; an open letter to St. Paul business owners; three phrases to ban; and more.

In wake of Tel Aviv & Orlando, seeking peace amid pride

from TC Jewfolk by Sven Sundgaard

Every time something horrible happens we want to know why. It’s natural to try to understand a motive, but there seems to be nothing to tie together any of our most recent shootings or terror events in the news. I don’t know all the facts yet, but I’m guessing the Palestinian terrorists in the Tel Aviv shooting were motivated by politics, in the long and complicated Israeli-Palestinian conflict, rather than fighters of ISIS. Even the shooting in Orlando, while he pledged allegiance to ISIS, this is the first targeted attack on the west that involved specifically the gay community. What about the motivations of the individual from Indiana who was going to attempt an attack at L.A. Pride Sunday?

#Orlando — What can we say?

from News Day by Mary Turck

After the hatred, after the massacre, what can we say? No words can make anything better. And yet we speak, because we are human, because we use words to connect with one another and to express our grief, our outrage, our solidarity. So — some words gleaned from my Facebook and morning news…

An open letter to St. Paul business owners from an average millennial

from by Daniel Choma

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Dear Saint Paul Business Owners,

My name is Dan.  I’m 31 years old and I lived in Saint Paul for nearly 8 years.  During that time, I was a patron of many local businesses (I still am actually), as it’s a personal value of mine to support local businesses and give back to my community.  I bought my tools at Kendall’s Ace, I bought my records at Eclipse, I bought my beers at Ward 6.  Generally speaking, I rode a bike to all of these locations as another personal value of mine is to live light in order to leave a better planet for the next generation.

Three phrases I’d like to ban

from Minnesota Prairie Roots by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

Are there certain words or phrases that bother you? I mean big time irritate you to the point that you want to shout, DO NOT SAY (WRITE) THOSE WORDS TO ME!

Here are the top phrases/words I would like to ban…

A small group of people is changing the world for good

from The Advocates Post

Especially today, with the horrific news of the Orlando mass shooting capturing people’s attention, a ray of optimism is needed. That beam of light was mighty and bright at our Human Rights Awards Dinner this month when we celebrated and honored people who are tipping the world in the right direction.

These rare June days lure rare and antiquarian book lovers

from Poking Around with Mary by Mary Treacy

What is so rare as a couple of beautiful days in June when bibliophiles gather to peruse, assess, fondle, critique, and otherwise revel in old books – and to spend a few hours with old friends who share their passion. As every collector knows, the 26th Annual Twin Cities Antiquarian & Rare Book Fair is set for Friday and Saturday, June 24-25, at the Progress Center on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. 

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