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Accelerating technological change: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

When you consider the technology changes your great-grandparents, grandparents, parents (and even you) have experienced already, I can only imagine what we’ll see in decades ahead. Hang on to your hats — it’s gonna be a heckuva ride!

iPhone 4: Is it enough to stave off competitors?

Apple just made another quantum leap forward in smartphone experiences, and that’s likely to continue to accelerate its sales of iPhones within the globally growing mobile category.

Minnesota mobile developers clocking millions of downloads

They just passed the 1 million mark in downloads. DoApp’s customers — TV news stations, newspapers, online publications and radio stations — can easily brand the app for themselves and deliver content via smart phones and other mobile devices.

The much-hyped Apple iPad is, in short, phenomenal

Suffice it to say, we at Minnov8 were all very impressed. The machine was incredibly fast and responsive. The bottom line: The  iPad is a revolutionary and paradigm-shifting device.