If you care about high-speed broadband, check out FCC’s Blogband

broadbandgovIn roughly six months, the Federal Communications Commission will be delivering a National Broadband Plan that will affect the future of this information infrastructure, which is probably the most important conduit ever for news, entertainment, learning, medicine and more.

At Minnov8, we recognize that the most fundamentally important driver and catalyst of Internet and web innovation is broadband. With its big pipes and significant carrying capacity, entrepreneurs and innovators like you find ways to capitalize on it. People use the Internet more when they enjoy high speed and ubiquitous access. Here’s the word from the FCC:

The National Broadband Plan is one of the most important initiatives that the FCC has ever undertaken. To foster public dialogue about the National Broadband Plan, we’re tapping the power of the Internet to launch a new FCC blog, called Blogband. What better time to start blogging than now? With just 183 days before our deadline to send the National Broadband Plan to Congress, we need as many people involved as possible.

Like our unprecedented two-dozen public workshops and the upcoming fall public hearings, Blogband is part of the FCC’s commitment to an open and participatory process. Blogband will keep people up-to-date about the work the FCC is doing and the progress we’re making. But we want it to be a two-way conversation. The feedback, ideas, and discussions generated on this blog will be critical in developing the best possible National Broadband Plan.

As this blog demonstrates, the Internet is changing and expanding the way Americans communicate, providing them with unparalleled access to information. Our goal is to create a National Broadband Plan that charts a path toward bringing the benefits of robust broadband to all Americans. So visit Blogband often to keep up with the latest news and — more importantly — get involved.

Though they’re unlikely to win any branding awards for the snappy name “Blogband” (sounds like bunch of high-schoolers who launched their garage band to sing about blogging), the FCC has launched that blog in order to foster public dialogue about the National Broadband Plan (PDF), an initiative with just over 180 days before the FCC’s deadline to send that plan to Congress.

So if you care about broadband (and issues like net neutrality), then snagging this RSS feed and putting it in your news reader or just following the blog would be a good idea.

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