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MinnPost Picks: on ‘The Matrix’ and trauma, Chile’s new constitution and why marriage requires amnesia

Our weekly roundup of great stories from around the web, as recommended by MinnPost’s staff and contributing journalists.

Keanu Reeves as Thomas Anderson in a scene from “The Matrix Resurrections.”
Keanu Reeves as Thomas Anderson in a scene from “The Matrix Resurrections.”
Warner Bros. Pictures

Too many movies right now are ‘about trauma.’ The Matrix Resurrections actually does the work. Vox

This review of The Matrix Resurrections is full of spoilers. It’s also a thoughtful way of processing how the movie talks about trauma, and how it talks about trauma treatment. In a moment where a lot of cultural things seem to want to talk about trauma, I found the distinctions here helpful.
—Jonathan Stegall, user experience engineer

Chile Writes Its Constitution, Confronting Climate Change Head On, New York Times

The latest in a good New York Times series looking at the future of mining for metals that are critical to green technologies like batteries. This story is focused on lithium in Chile, a country writing a new constitution that will decide how to regulate mining. The industry is a huge economic pillar but one that critics say has polluted the environment and brought unequal economic benefits. Chile is also a huge copper producer and the Chilean mining company Antofagasta owns Twin Metals Minnesota, which hopes to mine copper, nickel, cobalt and more near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
—Walker Orenstein, Greater Minnesota reporter

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Marriage Requires Amnesia, New York Times

Christmas Eve brought a gift (some say, a lump of coal) from advice columnist Heather Havrilesky. Havrilesky posits the survival of her marriage relies on “turning down the volume on your spouse so you can barely hear what they’re saying.” Reading and enjoying the author for years, I appreciate her razor-sharp wit and laugh at the descriptions of her husband’s sneezes, grunts and complaints. What some may find abrasive, I found to be an insightful, hilarious and brutally honest assessment of “how it feels to be doomed to live and eat and sleep next to the same person until you’re dead.”
—Corey Anderson, creative director

Keep Your Damn Mask On! It’s the 2021 Architecture and Design Awards, Medium

For the 12th year, Mark Lamster and Alexandra Lange produced their awards for architecture and design on Medium. Included is the “B.F. Skinner” award to the rich guy who funded the mostly windowless dorm in Santa Barbara and the “Little Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky Prize” to the supertall in New York City that is riddled with construction defects.
—Peter Callaghan, state government reporter