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Bachmann’s bad week leads up to critical caucuses

DES MOINES, Iowa — But Michele Bachmann has remained positive, predicting an acceptable finish in Tuesday’s caucuses and vowing to head to South Carolina afterwards.Related: Bachmann dubs self ‘America’s Iron Lady’

Bachmann dubs self ‘America’s Iron Lady’

DES MOINES, Iowa — Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign is making one last appeal to Iowa voters today, releasing a television ad proclaiming her “America’s Iron Lady.”
The ad, which highlight’s Bachmann’s Iowa roots and her work in Congress, c

Bachmann campaign says Vander Plaats did not ask her to drop out

Politico reported Tuesday afternoon that before he endorsed Rick Santorum for president, Iowa conservative leader Bob Vander Plaats had called Michele Bachmann to ask her to bow out of the presidential race, but the Bachmann campaign is offering a s

Iowa Christian conservative leaders endorse Santorum over Bachmann

Bob Vander Plaats, the head of the Iowa Christian conservative organization the Family Leader, has endorsed Rick Santorum for president over Michele Bachmann.
The Family Leader, as an institution, decided to remain neutral in the Republican preside

PolitiFact: Bachmann wrong on PolitiFact claim

When Michele Bachmann said in last night’s presidential debate, “After the debates that we had last week, PolitiFact came out and said that everything that I said was true,” you just had to know PolitiFact would want to weigh in.
That’s exactly wha

Santorum goes after Bachmann

Of the Republican presidential candidates, the only one who has not seen a significant bump in his poll numbers this year is former Pennsylvania Sen.

Washington Post ‘photo album’ tracks Bachmann through the years

The Washington Post has a slide show today with photos of Michele Bachmann through the years.
They include pictures from her wedding in 1978 and her law school graduation in 1988.
And there are several of her with her family at their Stillwater ho

Bachmann plans 10-day, 99-county Iowa bus tour

Michele Bachmann intends on doing what only one Republican presidential candidate has done this election cycle — visit all 99 Iowa counties, and she’s planning on doing it in only 10 days.
Bachmann will travel by bus throughout the state starting i

New phrase from Bachmann: ‘Newt Romney’

In her effort to portray herself as the most consistent conservative of the Republican presidential candidates, Michele Bachmann is using a new phrase to tie together the two front-runners and question their respective ideologies, referring to Newt

Bachmann a ‘no’ for Trump debate

Michele Bachmann will not participate in the December 27 debate moderated by Donald Trump.
Bachmann has met with Trump numerous times and held a tele-town hall with the real estate mogul and reality television star.

Bachmann campaign lays out its path to victory

Michele Bachmann’s campaign manager says his candidate will win next month’s Iowa caucuses by appealing to “teavangelical” voters, then ride her success there to victory in South Carolina, setting up a showdown between Bachmann and a “non-conservati

Bachmann hits Obama on Israel policy

WASHINGTON — Given her audience, Michele Bachmann’s chosen topic during a visit to Washington on Wednesday was an obvious one: Israel.
Bachmann spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition during a presidential forum on Wednesday.

Phyllis Schlafly endorses Bachmann

Phyllis Schlafly, a prominent social conservative writer and speaker, has endorsed Michele Bachmann’s presidential bid, the Des Moines Register reports.
“Most important, Michele has the courage to be a leader among her peers,” Schlafly said in a s

Bachmann stuck in the single digits in Iowa

Less than a month before the Iowa caucuses, Michele Bachmann remains in the single digits in the state, according to two polls released this weekend.
In a Des Moines Register poll, Bachmann checks in at 8 percent, behind Newt Gingrich (25 percent), R

Cain quits, promises endorsement

After a whirlwind month dodging allegations of sexual harassment and an extramarital affair, Herman Cain, the pizza magnate who was at one point a front-runner for the Republican presidential domination, ended his presidential bid Saturday. 
Cain s

Santorum could be Bachmann’s VP pick

Michele Bachmann would consider Rick Santorum as her vice president or attorney general, she told the Des Moines Register on Wednesday.
“I have just the highest respect for Rick Santorum.

Bachmann ‘fully aware’ the U.S. has no embassy in Iran

Michele Bachmann knows the United States does not have an embassy in Iran.
That’s what the Minnesota Congresswoman’s spokeswoman said in an email to reporters Wednesday night after Bachmann suggested she would shut down the (nonexistent) American e